Mitali Nag's Foray into Music

Mitali Nag is about to release her single worldwide...

Our very own Afsar Bitiya explores different aspects of her creative talent.

Though she isn't a trained singer, her inherited skills can qualify her not just as a professional singer but also a performer. Currently, Mitali is rejoicing her much-deserved break after a series of hit shows like- Afsar Bitiya, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat, Draupadi etc. but simultaneously was working on her debut single. 

"That (singing) was something which was waiting to happen. As actors, we work round the clock for about 14 - 16 hours every day which leaves us with no time for ourselves. Ever since I started acting, music took a pause in my life. Everyone around me knew that I sing (some even loved what I sang). My friends, my directors and musician friends would say that I had a good voice and that I should sing, but it could never take shape. However, as of now I have time for myself so I am consciously devoting my time to the music."

Utilising her break, Mitaali says the audio of the single is complete. "Since it's my first project, I have worked with all my friends who generously supported me with their individual skills and talent. The audio of the song is ready, and the video is in the making. Once the final track is ready we shall release it worldwide (online).

Elaborating about her experience and her single, Mitaali says: "I am no trained singer, my mother is. I guess I have inherited her skills. Ever since we thought of doing the track I have been dedicatedly doing my riyaaz. As far as the song is concerned, I want to keep it as a surprise or if I must say, it's a token of love for my country and my friends".

All Mitaali Nag fans are surely in for a Musical or Rather a Melodious musical surprise!



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Eagerly waiting on release MITALI NAG !!

Keep rocking !!

7 years ago

Thanks IF for article on Mitali Nag, she always make her fans proud.

8 years ago

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