Sudhanshu Pandey opens up about his brand new music video, 'Maa'

The music video is extra special to him as it’s made by Zishan Haider, who has dedicated it to his mother.

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Sudhanshu Pandey

There are some projects that are destined to come to you, and one such project for actor Sudhanshu Pandey is his brand new music video, Maa. The music video is extra special to him as it’s made by Zishan Haider, who has dedicated it to his mother. 

“Zishan Haider is my closest friend, and that is my association with him. In the last two years, he has been through a lot. He had some personal health issues, and then, last year, he lost his mother in a very unfortunate accident when a building collapsed. He, like any other person, would be devastated. My association with him for this video was naturally brought about. He asked me to play him, and I said that this was a tribute to his mother. That's how we made this video. The music composition by Harsh Vardhan Deo is being appreciated a lot and obviously is sung by Ankit Tiwari, who is a very popular singing star already. So, we have a great team. Also, Mr Ravindra Gautam is a very experienced director who directed this video. Our DOP, Mr Arshi, is also highly successful. It has been a great experience shooting this music video. It has given us the best results, and we are happy,” he says.

Talking about the rest of the cast, he says, “When Zishan had asked me about who I think should play the role of the mother in the music video, my natural choice was Alpana Buch. She is playing my mother in Anupamaa, and there is a certain chemistry, a bond that we have shared as a mother-son for the last 3 and half years. Alpana was kind enough to say yes immediately and as you can see the result, it has come out beautifully and people are loving it. The response is beautiful and people are sending me such beautiful warm messages and they are absolutely loving the emotion of mother-son bond and the song.”

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