Mira Rajput Lashed Out on Paparazzi; Security Managers Speaks about her Starry Tantrums

Mira Rajput Kapoor Lost her Cool on the paparazzi who wanted to click her picture; In another incident, a Security Manager has also spoken about her Starry Tantrums...

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Shahid Kapoor's darling wifey Mira Rajput Kapoor seemed to be in a bad mood after she left from a community park where she had taken her two kids, daughter Misha Kapoor and son Zain Kapoor for their evening playtime. But, things went ugly when Mira lashed out on the paparazzi stationed outside the park to click her pictures.

The moment Mira stepped out of the park she asked her bodyguard to not allow the photographers to take pictures. After several requests from the photographers she posed and waved from inside her car. In the video that has gone viral Mira can be seen refraining her children from being clicked.

However, upon realizing that she does not want her kids to get clicked, the photographers cleared her misconception that they aren't clicking the kids but wish to take her pictures. But, despite constantly telling her this, Mira paid no heed and her bodyguard too can be seen blocking the cameras and pushing them away.

After sitting in her car and giving the papz a piece of her mind, Mira finally flashed a smile and zoomed off!

Check out the video below:


However, this isn't the first time that Mira has fallen in a soup for her statements, earlier as well the star wife was criticized for sending out a wrong message on working mothers. Her remarks about mom's continuing with their career soon after giving birth to their babies didn't go down well with a huge chunk of the audience. Many also took her comments as a sly dig at Shahid's ex-girlfriend, Kareena Kapoor Khan, who has set an example by giving equal importance to her three-month-old baby boy Taimur Ali Khan and her acting career.

At an event held on the occasion of International Women's Day, Mira had spoken at length about women empowerment and embracing motherhood and how she considers being a homemaker and a mother her top priority and the perception about raising her daughter Misha.

While explaining her stance, Mira went on to say that 'she wanted to stay at home for her daughter Misha and that her child was not a puppy that she could just spend one hour in a day with her and rush to work.' These words and her views didn't go down well with audience and she received a lot of flak for targeting and indirectly pointing out on working mothers.


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Mira Rajput's starry tantrums Revealed by an Airport Security Manager:

In another recent incident, a Reddit user who works as an airport security manager revealed about Mira's starry tantrums. On being asked whether star wives like Sakshi Dhoni and Mira Rajput throw tantrums at the airport, the Reddit user confirmed and narrated the incident.

He said that apart from asking for shuttle service, Mira Rajput comes up with some crazy demands every now and then. Talking about one such demand, he said that Mira Rajput wanted an airport staff to do her nails. Since the demand came out of nowhere and wasn't a part of their job profile, the staff politely refused.

However, Mira didn't lose her cool but, accepted it gracefully. The user also claimed that Sussanne Khan is quite unpleasant with people at the airport and in-flight too.

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