Milind Soman to be back on screen doing what he does best; DETAILS BELOW!

Milind was last seen in Amazon Prime's web series Four More Shots Please...


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Milind Soman, also known as one of the hottest man of the industry has set many hearts racing with those drool worthy abs and that charming smile. The gorgeous man has had a vast career in both films and television and still never ceases to amuse his fans. Milind who was last seen in Amazon Prime's web series Four More Shots Please as Dr. Aamir Warsi will soon be returning on screen with an interesting new web series on Hotstar.

Milind has been roped in for a fitness based web series for Hotstar. The seven episode series has been titled as Maximize your day and will highlight Milind's fitness regime. In the series he will be seen emphasizing on the need of holistic health and wellness, and how important it is to maintain proper physical as well as oral hygiene. The show is all set to stream from today.

Milind himself is a fitness enthusiast and its a known fact. Time and again he keeps posting about importance of staying fit and he can even beat a youngster in running several miles in marathons.

Are you ready to watch him teach us importance of staying fit while you just drool watching him on your couch? Let us know in the comment section below.   


Milind Soman

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solosong 5 years ago Another Dog of Salman is Barking!! Uff Uff.. go to hell man!!!
Gouri_Joshi 5 years ago Where was salman's 'BIG HEART' when he was running the car over a innocent person.
Would have said the same words if salman would have ran the car over one of our family member ranbir? That salman has 'BIG HEART' he done as many things for society so i'll forgive him?
manikka 5 years ago Here cames one more supporter of a bhai...ofcourse he has to do tht otherwise how is he going to survive in tht duel faced film industry... these same people's didn't even hav the time to Support 16 dec. Victim...but here they are...akhir ghar ki daal roti ka jo sawal hi...!!!

do they even hav a thing named morals??? can buy any thing... Even morals even the judiciary system of just hav to pay right price...isn't it frnds????2015-05-09 04:59:46
angelratinupur 5 years ago another faithful dog of salman bhai.. wow everyone is inhuman in bollywood not single person is honest .. all licking the ass of salman inhuman robots!!!
ranbir let salman kill your relative in road accident and will still say the same words? you stupid moron stop acting like he is saint .if he has bigger heart why don't he accept the truth and go to prison ? your salman bhai has no heart that's the truth..Ranbir now we see your true color you moron just go to hell
mahalaxmi-sita 5 years ago another ass licker, given the fact that he comes from another immoral family i.e. kapoors.. not surprised.
anu rulz
anu rulz 5 years ago it makes me wonder what the "smaller hearts" plan to do in the future...kil more than one homeless person? Maybe be high as well as being drunk while driving?? Seriously, what are the standards of accepted civic behaviour in this industry if salman khan has the "biggest heart"?
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