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#MidYearReview: 5 jodis on Indian TV that seem to make a PROMISING duo in the year ahead!

We are sure you'd agree.


We are 6 months into 2017 already, and, as fast as it seemed to have flown off, our TV screens have presented to us some really nice and commendable content, actors, and of course shows. 

As we foray into the 7th month of this year, we at India-forums decided to analyze the good and the bad from the start, and list before you the things and actors that we really loved. While we listed the best shows to look forward to in the months to come, today, we list before you 5 of the most promising jodis based on their performance in the first half of the year. Here's what we think:

Kunal Kulbhushan Jaisingh and Shrenu Parikh in Dil Boley Oberoi

Kunal (Omkara) and Shrenu's  (Gauri) love story kickstarted in Ishqbaaaz and was loved by the viewers. With the first ever spin-off in the form of Dil Boley Oberoi, the two had an entire show to themselves. Though a love - hate relationship, their chemistry in the show has been worth applauding. And now that the two are back together, we are hoping that with time passing by we'll see more of them.

Keith Sequeira and Sanjeeda Shaikh in Love Ka Hai Intezaar

Keith (Maharaja Madhav Singh) and Sanjeeda (Kamini Mathur) have been paired opposite each other for the first time and ever since the promo came out until current day, they tend to play roles which gravitate towards each other quite well. With the show progressing ahead, we are sure to see much better things. 

Meherzan Mazda and Anjali Anand in Dhhai Kilo Prem

Meherzan (Piyush) and Anjali (Deepika) really compliment each other and their chemistry seemed to have struck chords since the very beginning. What started with knok-jhok, continues to be so and will soon bloom into love as the months pass by. Given that we are loving their current camaraderie with each other, we are hoping that they continue to do the good work once they fall in love as well.

Kunal Verma and Jasmin Bhasin in Dil Se Dil Tak

While Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai were applauded for their on-screen chemistry since the show went on-air, Jasmin Bhasin became the filler in this situation. However, the entry of Kunal Verma aka Aman has created that freshness it needs. Since day one, the chemistry between the duo has been a treat to watch. Be it their teasing moments or Aman's immense love for Teni, this unconventional love story is one to be adored.

Param Singh and Niti Taylor in Ghulaam

Param's (Rangeela) acting in Ghulaam has to be lauded and Niti (Shivani) has done an equally commendable job. Together, they make for a great pair. Given that there have been quite a few rumours about them not getting along well off-screen, they are nailing it on-screen.

Who is your favourite from the list? Or, do you have any additions to make? Leave your comments below.


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NatalyMusketeer 3 years ago Jasmin Bhasin and Kunal Verma are two opposites but opposites attract each other...
Sandhir-love 3 years ago Lol am having hard time reading the comments here. Ghulaam leads and chemistry has become a topic of discussion for no reason though I agree with majority. there is no chemistry. The actors are not comfortable and we all know why. To be honest both the actors should be released from the show, they are potential enough in giving their best but this show and its story is ewww. I will always support Param Singh as an individual when comes to Ghulaam. Never and might never ever feel connected to this show or the so called couple.
NatalyMusketeer 3 years ago Jasmin Bhasin and Kunal Verma are so sweet together...
kushagra-WONDER 3 years ago ghulam is rocking because of the awesome chemistry of it's leads ,param is playing role of rangeela with up most perfection
Paramdewaani 3 years ago This Buzz has turn out the most interesting with fake reviews being posted by fake poster or may be fake accounts never seen before on forum LOL How childish!!

Either few are watching different Ghulaam or the thousand people from both the fandom on other networking sites are faking about NO CHEMISTRY IN GHULAAM. IF is too blind to ignore worth deserving shows and type about a show like Ghulaam that should be reported to the authorities. I wish the women welfare people watches one episode of this show and takes an action. Coming to lead, they themselves don't consider anything and here I see fake reviews don't know for what.

I do not need type praises for my fav, doing so would mean doubting his abilities which is not the case.
Loveguru15 3 years ago Keith and Sanjeeda are the best.
Every other jodi has chemistry except Ghulaam. They look like brother and sister. If is the only place talking about them as lead pair otherwise they don even fit in this category. This place is strange with strange views. I love love ka hai inteezar show. They are the cutest.
livelong 3 years ago Why there is no Naamkaram?
I love RiKara
Sorry, Ghulaam leads has no chemistry, The show sucks big time.
Ulupy 3 years ago ShiRa is rocking these days
No hesitation, no limitation
Only respect and understanding
Love Niti Taylor
Ripunjay 3 years ago Love Rangeela shivani jodi
Niti Taylor rocks
Misstikka 3 years ago Has India-forums used NASA's techonology for locating the invisible chemsitry between Ghulaam Leads? Let alone chemistry their scenes are comedy than anything lol. IF seems blinds LAMAO.
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