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Michael Jackson planned on buying Marvel as he wanted to play Spider-Man!

Michael Jackson was a fan of Spider-Man and he even planned on bidding for Marvel. However, his nephew Taj Jackson revealed that he was shut down...

Published: Tuesday,Apr 28, 2020 06:54 AM GMT-06:00
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Michael Jackson

Spider-Man has been one of the most iconic superheroes of all time and his young fans loved Tobey Maguire donning the spidey suit. While many tried to audition for the character, a report claims that the King Of Pop - Michael Jackson was also interested in playing the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

The curator of Billie Jean, Heal The World, Smooth Criminal, Beat It, and many others, MJ has entertained fans with his music. However, his admiration for spiderman forced him to buy Marvel back in the 90s but was shut down. 

Speaking with a news portal recently, Michael Jackson’s nephew reveals his uncle made an attempt to buy Marvel back in the 90s but was shut down. He also shared that the Smooth Criminal singer wanted to play the role of Peter Park

In an interview with Popcorned Planet, Michael Jackson’s nephew Taj Jackson revealed that the singer wanted to buy Marvel with Stan Lee and mentioned that they were talking and discussing it. As it did not happen, unfortunately, Jackson’s nephew said, “He wanted to [buy Marvel] with Stan Lee, and they had been talking and discussing that. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. They were shut down from doing that.”

Taj further revealed that besides wanting to play the character of Spider-Man, MJ was a huge Marvel fan and mentioned he knew all the characters. “So it was not only Spider-Man [he wanted to buy]. But yeah, he probably wanted to be Spider-Man [laughs]," he added.

During the interview, Jackson also admitted that he has a difficulty in picturing his late uncle playing the role of the superhero, but mentioned that he would be excited about it. Taj Jackson also shared that MJ was a huge movie buff and would love the characters coming together.

Back in 2009, after MJ’s death, the co-creator of Spider-Man and the Avengers, Stan Lee confirmed the singer wanting to do a Spider-man film at the 2009 Comic-Con.

As reported by Telegraph, Lee confirmed that MJ wanted to buy Marvel in the 1990s so that he could play Spider-Man. When questioned about Marvel’s success if Jackson purchased it, Stan Lee mentioned that he felt it maybe not as successful as MJ was not a great businessman.

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