Megha Gupta's abrupt end as host of Perfect Bride..

The channel and production house have taken a decision to do away with Megha Gupta as the host of Star Plus' Perfect Bride.. However, Megha Gupta tells us that the decision taken was mutual...

A leading tabloid today reported that Megha Gupta, the host of Star Plus' Perfect Bride has been thrown out of the show,  because the channel and production house couldn't put up with her tantrums. However, Megha flatly refuses all these allegations.

Perfect Bride was launched with two hosts in the plan – Vishal Malhotra and Megha Gupta.  However one of them just trailed off along the way…

According to our source, "Megha Gupta was not at all professional. She always used to turn up late at the sets. She missed out on rehearsals. She sometimes even failed to turn up citing sickness as her excuse!" The source adds, "Definitely with high profile Bollywood stars like Amrita Rao, Malaika Arora Khan and Shekhar Suman in tow, the production house  and channel couldn't afford to waste their time and energy over Megha's problems. Finally they decided that she is indeed a pain in the neck, and that they would be better off without her."

Our sources from both the channel and production house confirmed that it was indeed their decision to do away with Megha Gupta. "It is very much true that Megha Gupta is longer part of our show. As far as a replacement goes, we are moving ahead with Vishal as the solo host as of now. If need be, we will rope in a second host later on", informs our source.

However, when we contacted Megha, this is what she said "It is not at all true! It was a fair and mutual decision between me and the production house. I'm not doing any other show so why will I not give time for Perfect Bride's rehearsal? I'm not at all a troublesome actor. I worked with Star Plus for five months during Nach Baliye. Everyone in the channel knows me very well. If all that's been written about me is true why did Star Plus ever approach me after Nach Baliye?"

Megha further explains, "It so happened that I called the production people for my next day's script and that's when they told me that I have to go down to Karjat for rehearsal. I was having fever that day so I told them I won't be able to make it, fearing it might get worse on the day of shoot. This is the truth and whatever else that is published is for gaining TRP's. According to me there are better ways to gain TRP's."

Earlier, Megha had shared with us that she is very much excited about her first ever shot at hosting. It is unfortunate that her hosting career has come to such a quick end.

Well, whatever the reason for her exit be, the bitter fact remains that she is out of the show, and that is not something to cheer about!!

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (11)

i was really wanting to see her as a host...

14 years ago

well all i can say is atleast megha looked good wats wid that vishal guy he looks soooo... sad. Really n wats with his wierd hairstyle.. Bad lookin host period

14 years ago

hmm..its okay..she may have some better plans and the channel may get another host too...if done mutually then whats wrong

14 years ago

This is a mere trp gaining stunt. 1st they romoured abt malaika-amrita war & now this false stories.

14 years ago

tahts impossible...megha is such a professional...stupic trp gainer...find a better n new way

14 years ago

well lets hope they give a chance to aaditi to do the show.but only if she is time after kis desh....hopefully aaditi gupta is the new replacemet...just wishing

14 years ago

she's looking so cute and pretty in the picture! don't know what's true or not, but i've heard before about her acting up on MTPH sets too.

14 years ago

well i though she was good!!
no one had any complaints when she came in nach baliye 4 with naman!!

14 years ago

heard about behaviour b4 too so nothing is new for me

14 years ago

dunno wats the truth but megha looks really cute :)

14 years ago

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