Meet the pranksters of TV!

TV celebs share their funniest pranks they have played so far being on the sets with TellyBuzz.

As today is April Fool's day, we bring to you few actors of TV industry who love playing pranks. These actors who are known to be mastikhor on screen are loved to be called as pranksters behind the screen as well. 

Here are these TV actors sharing their pranks with us...

Manish Raisinghani, currently seen as Siddhant in Colors' Sasural Simar Ka - "I would have loved to be called as a biggest prankster but people call me a Torture. I like playing pranks as it is all in built in me because it's never taught; it's what you genetically get in you. It's in my genes. I am playing pranks since my childhood days and my partner in crime has been my sister. We were terrors and I believe that we still are (laughs). Humans have 5 senses and we love to torture all of these senses. A prank can enter your system through food, some loud noise, through some stupid thoughts etc. We try and make sure that we don't go overboard while playing pranks. People enjoy the pranks." 
Anubhav Srivastava, currently seen as Sachin in Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta - "Hiten Tejwani and I are the biggest pranksters on the sets. I have been playing pranks since the day I was born. April Fool's Day is one day in a year when you can actually fool your friends with any kinds of pranks and say to them that don't mind as its April Fool's day. This day acts like a shield and a guard for me to take everybody's case. I have been doing all this since my school days. Recently, my unit members took a revenge for my pranks; as they played a prank on me by hiding my phone.

One day, when I finished shooting for my scene, I went to my makeup room and then I realized that my phone is not with me. So, I ran towards the set to take it but I couldn't find it. I asked everybody but they all denied that they haven't seen it. The whole unit was indulged in this this prank and it continued for the whole day. Hiten Tejwani had given my phone to the cameraman and then it was passed by through so many people on the sets and finally I got my phone from the production head in night.

My day turned out to be worst. They returned my phone after six hours of mental torture. My whole set is a prankster. They took my case by doing this to me. I had got 25 missed calls when I got my phone back. I became very angry and didn't want to continue doing my scenes then. For the first time, I was fooled by these people in this way. When I play a prank on anybody then I say a convincing sorry to them and they understand it as well but they do take my case later. So, I always try to be cautious that when they will take revenge from me."

Gaurav Khanna, currently seen in Sony TV's CID - "Sometimes I keep playing pranks but not that much like every normal guy. I don't play lavish pranks but I like having fun on the sets. I always keep in mind that I won't be troubling anyone with my pranks. I have been doing masti since my childhood days when I was in school. Sometimes I have played pranks on my sets like calling up other actors and tell them that I am their fan or a stalker. It's a good fun. People enjoy my pranks and they have a good laugh over it." 

Shruti Bhist, the Hitler Didi fame and last seen in Star Plus' Arjun - "I am a biggest prankster and I keep doing lots of masti since the day I was born. I used to play pranks on Rati Didi, Sumit Vats, my Cameraman sir and my Director Sir on the sets of Hitler Didi. Once everybody was sitting and talking and I was getting bored with their talks. Then I told Sumit Vats to look back as a cat is behind him and he looked back and found nothing there. Whenever I used to play a prank on Rati Didi, mera hin popat ho jaata tha kyunki wahi mujhe ullu bana deti thi. She used to say to me that you will be slapped in real for enacting a crying scene so that you will cry in real. I used to feel that really I will be slapped in real and when I asked her to slap me then she used to tell me that she was just kidding. Rati Didi and Sumit Vats used to laugh at my pranks and they used to ask me not to do it in a good way but still I never used to listen to them and keep playing pranks. My cameraman sir used to call me Shaitan Ki Nani.
Mishkat Verma, currently seen as Raj in Zee TV's Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya - "I keep pulling everybody's legs on the sets. I keep pulling Kanchi Singh's leg a lot and keep troubling her as we all get along very well. I haven't played pranks on anyone as a kid rather people used to play pranks on me because I used to wear specks and I had braces and I was little fat too so I couldn't afford playing pranks on anyone then. Now, life has changed and I am different now so I take revenge from people by playing pranks on everyone here and there. Once I played a prank on Abhaas (Parichay Sharma). It was 2:30 at night and we all were bored so I asked Abhaas to go there as he required being in the shot. So, he went there and entered the frame and he got good scolding that he wasn't even required in the shot. This was the funny prank which I played being on the sets. Kanchi and I keep ragging each other all the time."

Play pranks, have fun! Be careful your prank shouldn't hurt anyone!

Anwesha Kamal


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