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Meet the Four Dazzling Ladies of Ghar Ek Sapna

A On-Shoot Visit to the sets of Ghar Ek Sapna , catch the reporter of Telly Buzz in conversation with the Gorgeous Women of this serial!!

Published: Tuesday,Jun 19, 2007 11:59 AM GMT-06:00
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Ajay Sinha’s serial Ghar Ek Sapna has a very interesting star cast, especially when it comes to the female casting in the serial. The ladies seen are Beautiful and Gorgeous, with lots of contrasts in their characters and looks. Our Reporter Hiral Anju Bhatt takes you right into the sets of Ghar Ek Sapna, to find out more on the 4 Dazzling Beauties of the serial Ghar Ek Sapna.

Meet the Four Dazzling Ladies of Ghar Ek Sapna
She is the lovely innocent girl from Bihar, a simpleton by nature, the darling daughter of the family, Khakul. Here is a one-to-one with Sayantani Ghosh who plays the character of Khakul, with all ease and finesse.

Tell us something about your character.

Sayantani: I play a simple girl from Bihar, who meets her Prince Charming, gets married to him under the toughest of circumstances and comes to Mumbai. She goes thro’ a lot of pain and sorrow and faces lots of issues after marriage.

Why did you leave Kumkum?

Sayantani: When I joined the show, Antara was a positive character. Later as the story developed, Antara was made totally negative. I thought I could not pull off a negative character that well, so I opted to say Quits..

What are the other things you are doing as of now?

Sayantani: I am working in few Bengali movies too. So I travel a lot to Bengal. My priority has always been Bengali projects.. Working in Mumbai happened out of the blue.

How do you get along with the Ghar Ek Sapna unit and how is the atmosphere on the sets?

Sayantani: All is so nice, everything has eased out and it is fun. The other members in the cast have worked with one another before. I was the new face in this unit, but the way all welcomed me and put me at ease was really nice.

Meet the Four Dazzling Ladies of Ghar Ek Sapna
The next Lady ready to talk her heart out is the charsimatic Barkha. She plays the role of Devika, the protagonist Samman’s elder sister in Ghar Ek Sapna. Barkha has worked in several projects and was recently seen essaying the role of Reva in Saath Phere.

Tell us about your character in Ghar Ek Sapna.

Barkha: I play Samman’s sister Devika. Mine is neither a positive nor an outright negative role. My brother was to get married to my friend, but with he marrying Khakul, all went wrong. My engagement also broke off, because of this. So I hate Khakul and cannot stand her presence in the family. But other than that, I am normal to all my family members.

Tell us something about your role in Saath Phere?

Barkha: In a daily soap, you just cannot expect your track to go on forever. I was kind of on and off in Saath Phere. If the track needs me, then I will be back. I do not know how the track is moving on now with Neev. Let us see.

How is it working with Kiran Karmarkar?

Barkha: Kiran is very funny, a very nice person to work with. We enjoy working together. The unit members here are very chilled out, so we all have a gala time even when shooting.

How is it working on the sets of Ghar Ek Sapna?

Barkha: We have a great time on sets. All of us work without any tension and the whole atmosphere is eased out. But, I at times keep yelling out here and there when things go a bit wrong…

Any new projects in the pipeline?

Barkha: Will let you know…

Meet the Four Dazzling Ladies of Ghar Ek Sapna
We now move to talk to the gorgeous Lata Sabharwal. Lata has worked in many projects and was seen in Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki recently.

Tell us something about your character.

Lata: I play the role of Cynthia, a catholic girl married to the hindu boy, Rishabh. As of now, the audience knows of this marriage, but the family of Raishabh does not know of this. I even have a son on the show…

How has it been playing the role of Cynthia?

Lata: Its been a good experience. I love playing such simple characters that are closely related to real life. It gets tough to essay roles that you cannot relate with…

How is it on the sets of Ghar Ek Sapna?

Lata: Simply Great!! Its really fun working here, all are comfortable. With experienced actors too on the sets, its really nice.

Where else can we see Lata?

Lata: Well, I have a film releasing this July or August, the title is not finalized yet. The makers are from south, but it is a Hindi film. The actor who played the Telugu version has acted in this too.

Meet the Four Dazzling Ladies of Ghar Ek Sapna
Lastly we come to the beautiful girl with a sweet smile, Sunitha. Married to Harsh Chaya in real life, this actress was loved by one and all for the role of Anandi in Astitva Ek Prem Kahaani..

Talk us thro your character, how is it to be paired with your husband, Harsh?

Sunitha: I play Kiran Karmarkar’s sister who is also a doctor. She wants to get married to Rishabh, played by my husband Harsh.. The whole family of Rishabh is for this marriage. But this cannot happen as Rishabh is already married , his family is not aware of this. I am in this serial just for a cameo. So I cannot say how my character will go on. It’s a daily soap, so one can never know….

How is it working with this team?

Sunitha: I have been associated with this production house from the days of Astitva. Its been fun working with them all over again. In Astitva, I essayed the role of Varun’s sister. I had a different look in that, so its hard for people to recognize me in this kind of attire… (Laughs)I have worked with most of the actors , I know Sayantani from Kolkata, where we used to work together. Kiran has worked with my husband, so he has dropped in at our house. All in all, it is a very homely atmosphere here..

You were seen in the film Ramji Londonwale, we loved you in it. Any movies in which you will be seen in the near future?

Sunitha: Yes, I was in a Marathi movie, which was recently released. I play a Bengali lady, draped in a Bengali saree with no makeup.

You seem to be master of disguise. You have practically played a variety of roles. How do you manage to do it?

Sunitha: (Laughs) The whole changing of look has got me into trouble at times. After seeing me dress up with this modern attire, the director of the Marathi film was shocked that I was chosen to play the simple girl in his movie. But the very next day, when I went to the sets wearing a salwar kameez , with no makeup and my hair tied up, he was convinced that I would look good as a simpleton too…

Hope you all had a nice time reading the chit-chats and news from Behind the Scene, the On-Shoot Happenings on the sets of Ghar Ek Sapna. Wishing these fablulously talented Beauties all the vesy best...

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Srividya Rajesh
Contact Author: PM Sree

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