Mata Ki Chowki to air seven days a week..

From April 13th, a new phase begins in Mata Ki Chowki, and to highlight this, the show will be aired all seven days in a week for one month..

Sahara One's Mata Ki Chowki, produced by Swastik Pictures will be aired seven days a week from April 13th.

When asked the lead actor Rahul Raj about this, he confirmed saying "Yes, the show will be on from Monday to Sunday. It is because of the demand for the show and its high TRPs".

We called up Producer Siddharth Tewary of Swastik Pictures and he quoted, "The show is doing really well on the channel and we are now moving towards the next phase of the story, which will actually provide a new beginning to the story line. Hence we found it appropriate to begin on a high note wherein we air Mata Ki Chowki for all the seven days in a week. This will go on for a month where we will be airing 30 episodes back to back".

"Vaishnavi will now realize that her family is in deep trouble and she will start connecting to their problems and will try to get them out of it", explains Siddharth.

This is the second time that the show has been changed to seven days a week. The first highpoint where this was implemented was in January when Vaishnavi got back her dead husband from the claws of Yamraj.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair, Srividya Rajesh

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Can u pls upload pls upload mata ki chowki(sahara one )june n july 2008.pls

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umm its a gud news
but dont u think it will make the actors stressed up

14 years ago

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