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Masaba Masaba Trailer: The Netflix original featuring Masaba Gupta along with Neena Gupta traces a journey through career, family and love

The Masaba Masaba trailer was released by Netflix today and well, while it sure looks like an interesting watch with various layers to the story.


Netflix has an interesting line up of shows and films ahead and Masaba Masaba happens to be one such much-awaited shows. The first-ever trailer of the show released today and it seems to have hit all the right chords given the vast range of subjects that it deals with.

For starters, as is known, the show is a semi-fictionalized account of the famous designer, Masaba Gupta. Slated for a release on August 28, it also features her mother Neena Gupta, playing her mother on the show as well. While we couldn't have asked for more, this duo has in store, an interesting journey of highs and lows, and so much more.

We see how Masaba undergoes a journey that has a struggle, one where she also faces the downtime in her career, while eventually, she comes out of it and bags an award too. Among other relationships, it also has instances from her love-life, advice from friends, trouble at work, and of course, a complicated relationship with her mother, among others.

While the show is sure to bring about some serious moments from her life, there are also regular doses of laughter that one just cannot miss, and is sure to go LOL at. The concluding scene of the trailer leaves you laughing at how there are 'rip offs' of her own design while there are many others that will always leave you thinking about larger things in life.

All in all, the Masaba Masaba trailer is fun, with a tinge of serious moments and a balance of all things love, life, and family!

Check out the Masaba Masaba trailer here:


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