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Maryada under scanner? Tara to re enter...

With new shows lined for next year, Star Plus considers axing the old...

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Star Plus's Maryaada Lekin Kab Tak? has been shifted to a new slot this year. It now seems that the future of the show is seriously under question. Sources suggest that if the show fails to reach the channel's TRP demands, the show would be pulled off air.

A source says, "Though there is no confirmation date on which the show will go off air but the channel is seriously considering it. A few new shows have been lined up for the coming year, and if Maryada continues to fall, the red flag will have to be waved."

As per the current track, Bramhanand has learnt about Gaurav's (Dakssh Ajit Singh) homosexuality. Due to this, he will be plotting to kill Karan (Karaan Singh). On the other hand Tara (Navika Kotia), daughter of Uttara (Kamya Punjabi) will re-enter the track as the divorce case continues. The girl who was sent to hostel in the show has been brought back for the track."

We contacted Kamya Punjabi and she asserts, "Even I have heard about the same."

Well, what happens to Maryaada Lekin Kab Tak? is something we'll have to wait and watch!

Reporter:Tejashree Bhopatkar
Author:Sharat Kumar

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sanaa_s 9 years ago Navya rocks !!! Yes no one can beat navya !!!!
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munchy 9 years ago haha..real life like dat???wat a joke..hilarious...all these saas bahu serials r crap...NAVYA rocks :) if dey can get a record of how many ppl r watching it online,it wud turn out 2 b number 12011-12-24 06:39:46
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vbvishakha 9 years ago ha ... ha...ha... extra martial affairs jitne ekta ke serial me hote hai wo kiski real lyf me hote jara to pata chale ...Aaj ke society ki kaunsi bahu Gopi jitna sahti hai wo pata chale, kaunshi sandhya hai jo educated hote huye bhi aakh band karke illeterate se shadi karti hai? YRKKH ke akshara rone ke alawa kuch aur karti hai kya? kaunsi soch de rhe hai ye serials hum younge sters ko? ke apni education ka use na karo, self respect mat karo, chupchap sab kuch bear karti raho, galat ko bhi sahi bolo, apna brain sirf Shadyantra rachne me lagao... kyun bhai world me achhe kam karne pe ban hai kya ? main to kahti hu STOP sach a stupid serials... ye saas -bahu serial ki ek bhi bat real me hoti ho na to hum mane...
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Shweta_ 9 years ago sass bahu dramas in real lifee what a joke...:-DD i casn't stopp laughing...
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anamika_0 9 years ago OMG..joke of the century..ekta kappor serials n real life...wah..kya paradox hain...
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Anyaa_Shamyaa 9 years ago our show has more youth fans n tats y every1 ll watch it thrugh its laggin in trp bt no matter its popular among youths. evn a school gng kid identifies navya show...n bod it gains its trp as we hve marriag track nw..
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-Divya.S- 9 years ago saas bahu dramas r happening in real lif? what? guys plz dn make such jokes yar..
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premer 9 years ago ye to bhout jaldi hna chaye tha. i hope new year me jaldi se ye show off air hokr koi new show aye jese kahin kisi roz nd kahin to hoga type
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A HUGE FAN 9 years ago Maryada is a great show, but the storylines need to move a bit faster & the good characters need to start winning!
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manisha_manu 9 years ago Every show has a different set of audience with different mindsets who perceive same concepts differently. A major decision like pulling a show off air cannot be based on something so subjective like TRPs. What is the guarantee that the moment at which TRPs are being recorded for any serial for that matter, the person watching it has just changed the channel because of a commercial break? How long will shows be pulled off air for simple, flimsy reasons like not being able to garner the required TRPs? Why should the nod of approval for a concept as hard hitting as Maryada be given in the first place if they plan to pull it off air due to lack of sufficient TRPs? If the concept is the problem, the authorities should understand that a serial like Maryada which deals with a lot of real but pushed under the carpet issues, needs a completely different audience when compared to regular family dramas which definitely can be watched with families? Other serials might have raised the bar by garnering sky rocketing TRPs, but people should understand that the audience of such a serial is completely different when compared to the audience for Maryada. If TRPs were to be recorded based on the genre of the program, Maryada would definitely be at the top in the respective category. Every serial has a definite duration and every serial which gets the nod of approval should be allowed to run its course without looking at things like TRPs. A serial with such a great ensemble of actors, a beautifully etched script, fabulous background scores, tight screenplay which makes people want to watch the serial continuously should definitely be allowed to run for the planned duration of time as such bold shows are rare to find in the television industry. Hats off to the Maryada team!! I think there should be a serious reconsideration of thoughts before taking a final call on pulling it off air.
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