Maryada to have few days of shooting trouble

Maryada actors all on a leave making it difficult for the unit to shoot the sequences...

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Diwali fever is on and seems like the unit of Star Plus' Maryaada Lekin Kab Tak?is going through additional stress managing the dates of its performers over and above the regular conditions.

As it is a legendary statement for this industry to say 'the show must go on' come what may, the crew of Maryada is working round the clock to put things together amidst all the festivities.

A little birdie present on the sets says, "There are no actors working for a few days as they all have taken a leave for Diwali. The actors have given their close ups shots and left for a holiday, therefore the whole unit has to dupe and shoot their scenes."

The source further adds, "It's been a day and the whole unit is managing the continuity of the scenes without the actors. The two leads Riddhi Dogra Vashisth-RaQesh Vashisth and Vishwajeet Pradhan-Indrani Haldar along with a few more are out for Diwali. So for 2-3 days the whole unit has to manage without them and work with their body double."

We tried contacting Riddhi Dogra Vashisth but our efforts to reach her went in vain!

Well, such are the demands of this industry.

We hope even the unit gets a short diwali break from their choc-o-block schedules…

Reporter:Tejashree Bhopatkar
Author:Megha Bissa

Raqesh Vashisth Bapat Indrani Haldar Vishwajeet Pradhan Ridhi Dogra Maryaada Lekin Kab Tak?  Star Plus 

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Shee_xaan 9 years ago All actors deserve a break at-least for festivals. They should get time with their family too. Happy Diwali to Maryaada team
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raiharshal 9 years ago Hey its good serial.
All the actors and crew members have a life of theirs to enjoy some good moments with family. I wish all of them a Happy Diwali
2011-10-28 05:03:16
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dkmystery 9 years ago Diwali is one of the biggest festivals, just like how many foreign shows take a break during Christmas so can Indian shows... not only the actors but the whole team needs to be with their family!!!
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sweet_angel27 9 years ago lol the leads are all on a holiay, they should've just given a holiday to everyone. They should've shot more episodes before diwali, so everyone could've gotten a holiday.2011-10-28 01:00:09
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icegirl31 9 years ago The crew need more rest than these actors coz more hard work is done by d crew... actors hv a particular time but crew is there frm start of day 2 d end... n wen these actors come in this profession dey knw how d work life here is ... it is so unfair 2 d crew ... if life af an actor is hard then life of d crew members r harder than theirs...
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Rohma87 9 years ago i feel so bad coz yeh actor actress hi nai yeh directors spot boys n all the unit are human beings as well juzt for us viewer they so work hard n even spoil theirs holidays festival where there fmlys children needs them so un fair sara crdt b actors actress lai jatay hai jab k yeh apni holidays enjoy ker saktay hai about unit inhay koi awards ya reward kiu nai milta sari mehnat in ki b tou hai na... m felling so bad n i wish koi aisa b ho jo in units walo ki life b samjay inhay awards rewards dai n inki life pr b drama banay so every ones cme to knw how tough their lives is :((
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JJESH 9 years ago How come the other crew members like cameran man, spot boys, assistants in different units never get a diwali leave?? It's not only the actors who work hra...other people do to! That's how a show becomes hit...I terribly feel bad for the other crew members..they have families too!!
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FIZK6 9 years ago They all deserve time off. Anyway hope they all have a great time.
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Filza. 9 years ago well the actors deserve a break at-least for festivals. But so does the crew too.
Hope all works out fine for them.
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