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Marriage on Cards for Panchi Bora?

Rumors spread on the sets of Kayamath, that Panchi is all set to tie the knot. Pachi Bora addresses the Telly Buzz team on the issue. Read on to know what's in Panchi's mind...


Speculations are high and ripe that the protagonist of Kayamath, Panchi Bora has found her soul mate, and her recent trips to Vaishno Devi have apparently moved the spotlight on her. The buzz around is that the actress visited Vaishno Devi and few other temples recently, indicating an upcoming wedding extravaganza.

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To know more on the reason behind her religious expeditions, we talked to the lady of the hour, Panchi Bora. “Yes, my unit does believe that something is fishy. But honestly, there is nothing, and I am very much single”, says Panchi in her usual innocent tone. So why did you undertake all these religious visits? “It was a family get-together, my sister is relocating to Australia shortly, and we wanted to spend utmost time with her. Also, I am big Bhakt of Mata Rani, and it is believed that if you go there thrice, your wishes are granted. Since I had already made it there couple of times, I wished to make the Hatrick”, says Panchi. Coming back to the rumor, Panchi remarks, “My sister has got married, so more of responsibility falls on me; I cannot think of marriage right now”. Panchi quickly adds, “I want to finish my graduation first, and that is top most priority right now”.

It seems like Panchi is a complete No-No to marriage right now, but wonder what Panchi wished and prayed for, on her third consecutive visit to Vaishnodevi. Only time will tell whether the buzz regarding Panchi’s love life fizzles out or gains more air… What say, folks?

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt



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barbie524 5 years ago panchi. Miss u. When vl u bck on small screen
cemre 11 years ago Prachi n milind is a hot and romantic couple...
I hope shachi together in real life
*Alishba* 12 years ago WOw Thanxxx

Every body is looking great esp Meenal

Cant wait to listen Meenal's Solo song in it
RAJNISHMJF1 12 years ago I have listened all the songs of this new album....all the songs are tooooo sweet....especially 'NAYI SUBAH' of Meenal Jain is so Cool n soothing...the song 'Duhaee Duhaee' of Arpita Mukherjee is also nice...
neev ka pyar
neev ka pyar 11 years ago no, i want jay banushali to marry panchi
sitakshii 12 years ago shabbir & panchi pair is a made for each other pair ,i want shabbir to marry panchi !!
mpd_1027 12 years ago i agree with u aneesha she looks aweful in the pic.
Ashu-n-Sush 12 years ago Prachi n milind is a sexy couple...
Prachi n neev is a sweet couple...
Jessuu 12 years ago aww cute..i really really wish she gets married to shabbir! *praying*
they are an awesome couple!
Bolly*_Crazed 12 years ago aww thats nice, itd be cool, if she got married to Shabbir they look great on screan!
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