'Marriage is a tough responsibility' - Sachin Shroff

With less than a month to go for his marriage to popular actress Juhi Parmar, Sachin Shroff talks about the wedding preparations and much more..

Sachin Shroff is quite looking forward to his D-Day. The lead of Naaginn will get married to his sweet heart Juhi Parmar on the 15th of February. “I am quite busy with the arrangements. Getting the right costumes is a big task, but I am surely enjoying every bit of it. However, we are keeping the details of our wedding dress a secret, and are just providing little tidbits to each other, to ensure that that our outfits don't clash”, quips Sachin.

How does it feel to have a real wedding after some many onscreen trails? “It's really different you know. There we would have a dozen cuts, but here everything has to have a smooth sailing”, verbalizes Sachin.

Sachin does not think that he is hurrying into marriage. “28 is a right age yaar. Many of my cousins already have kids.  Agreed our courtship period is less, but yet what matters is our love, and having said that I know of  a couple who got married after six years of going around, but their marriage did not last even for two years”, states he.

He further accepts that equations do change after marriage. Sachin further quips, “Obviously now you spend much more time in proximity. There is a certain honeymoon period after which tensions may arise. But everything can work out fine, if you are ready to adjust a bit”.

In closing, he refused to give details of the exotic honeymoon he has planned for Juhi. “If I say that now how can it be a surprise?”, expresses the actor.

Lastly, on the big question of definition of marriage according to him, Sachin concludes, “It's a tough responsibility”.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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Juhi Parmar

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Sachin Shroff

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all the best to the couple....hav a happy life...!!!! thanx..

15 years ago

Best of luck and all d best in ur lyf ..... and wish u all d happiness u deserve !! :D:D

15 years ago

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15 years ago

great interview
their a great couple
and wish them all the best

15 years ago

wishing them all the best! luv u sachin!

15 years ago

lovely interview of Sachin

Man of few words but with lot of humor and surprise and secrets. what a tri-combination

Juhi did tell he is silent but she has seen a different Sachin and now we are getting to see that different Sachin

Sachin no dear we wont follow you both to your honeymoon destination

God Bless

Wishing JuSachin a happy married life with lots of love and all their wishes and dreams come true and all their endeavours be successful

15 years ago

wishing them all the veryy verryy best!!
very sweet article

15 years ago

Wow!!!!! Congrats to both of them!!! Wish them all the best for their future.....Wish them all the happiness ever!!!!!

15 years ago

cngratulations sachin and juhi.I,m so happy for them.

15 years ago


thanks for this

enjoyed reading it

he is so cute

i agree with sachin, that marriage is a tough responsibilty

wishing both jusachin all the best


15 years ago

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