Manini De to host the Rock and Roll Family Hungama

Zee Music launches the Rock and Roll Family HUNGAMA, where the real hungama behind the scenes will be showcased. Manini De is to host the special feature...

As the Rock and Roll Family kicked off on Zee TV, Zee Music provides a portal for the entire back stage action, special highlights and much more, called - Rock and Roll Family HUNGAMA.

Manini De is the host of the special series, who’ll give the viewers exclusive insights to the show. The Telly Buzz team talks to the actress on her new venture…

“I am completely bowled over by this show”, exclaims the actress. Further on the concept she says, “The concept is very original, three generations dancing on the same floor, is something that’s never been focused on before. The show is truly bringing in families together, which is its USP.” On hosting the Rock and Roll Family Hungama,

Manini states, “The Hungama is going to show case the emotions as well as fun, that’s behind the scenes. Being a people's person, I’m simple and I don't have the attitude of stars, I am easily accessible and  down to earth, I can laugh with them and also can wipe their tears, that is the USP of me and may be that is the reason the channel choose me to do this show.”

She ends by saying, “I am so glad I could be a part of the show that’s filled with masti, madness and family warmth”

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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Comments (6)

nice host who is down to earth.
love to watch behind the scenes :]

16 years ago

Cool..really interesting..behind the scene is always interesting to watch

16 years ago

great more hosts. I like her as host. Thanks.

16 years ago

woo! when does hungama come on tho?

16 years ago

Iske paas jaane se darr lagta hai...
Jala ke rakh karde gi yeh
she kool

16 years ago

Woooow Thats so kool. Backstage action of Rock N Roll Family, would be worth watchiing!! =]

16 years ago

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