Jhanak: Anirudh reveals of bringing gifts and flowers for Jhanak amidst his family questioning her

In the episode of Star Plus' show Jhanak tonight, Anirudh will be seen taking a stand for Jhanak after his family questions her.

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The episode begins with Jhanak expressing a sense of sadness on her birthday, reminiscing about the past when her mother and friends would joyously celebrate with her. Now, however, she feels a sense of loneliness. In a graceful gesture, Jhanak redirects the attention to Arshi, urging everyone to join in the celebration of her special day. Arshi questions the reason behind Rahul calling Jhanak, and Anirudh dismissively mentions that her phone was unreachable, emphasizing his lack of interest in the matter. Despite this, Arshi reassures Jhanak that the focus should be on celebrating her birthday.

Appu eagerly anticipates the cake, but Tanuja suggests serving it to everyone first. Observing Appu's disappointment, Anirudh, feeling remorseful, encourages Jhanak to give the cake to him. Arshi volunteers to distribute cake to the elders, and amidst the celebration, Anjana notices Jhanak's absence in the cake distribution. Rumi acknowledges the oversight, leading Anirudh to offer his plate to Jhanak. Arshi intervenes, suggesting that Jhanak can have the remaining cake. Emotionally touched, Jhanak accepts it, and Arshi seizes the moment to scold her, advising her to instruct friends or her boyfriend not to disturb Anirudh with late-night calls.

Defending herself, Jhanak reveals that Anirudh gave his number to Rahul, and she didn't provide the number herself. Arshi continues to berate Jhanak, who asserts that she shouldn't bear the sole responsibility for handling such calls. This sparks an argument, leading Arshi to decide that Jhanak should accompany her to her house. Despite Lal and Bipasha scolding Jhanak, Anirudh maintains his composure and questions Arshi's actions.

The next morning, Jhanak prepares food, engaging in a heartfelt conversation with Anjana. Jhanak expresses her admiration for Anjana, viewing her as a mother figure. Anjana shares insights about life's inevitable changes and brings attention to Appu's critical condition, emphasizing the financial struggle for her treatment. Despite sympathizing with the situation, Jhanak acknowledges her financial constraints.

Appu interrupts, affectionately calling Jhanak a fairy and expressing her desire for her to stay. Anjana advises caution, and Tanuja enters, scolding Jhanak. Anirudh, placing flowers and a cake in Jhanak's room, intervenes, attempting to comprehend the commotion. Appu tearfully recounts Tanuja's harsh treatment, prompting Anjana to intervene and shield Appu from Tanuja's anger. Jhanak, standing up for Appu, questions Tanuja's actions and defends her decision to share food with the child, leading to a heated exchange with Tanuja warning Jhanak to stay within her limits.


Jhanak discovers flowers and cake in her room and wonders about the sender. When she presents the flowers to Arshi, Shrishti and Tanuja express disapproval. Anirudh steps in, revealing that he was the one who left the gifts for Jhanak.

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