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'Manav is the most wanted person in my family' Meher Vij

Meher Vij who plays Meher in Kis Desh is all praises for her hubby of four months!

Published: Tuesday,Dec 01, 2009 15:08 PM GMT-07:00
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Meher Vij
who portrays the character that goes by the same name in Star Plus' Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil, talks about how the show is very close to her heart as she got to meet her life partner there, and how he has always been by her side till date…

Over to Meher…

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How does being married feel?
Feels good (smiles).

You are an actor, your husband one, you brother is one. You belong to a family of actors…
(Laughs) Yes, I do. I'm very passionate about acting so it goes well with me. As Manav is an actor he understands the needs of my profession very well. He is someone who will not question me if my job gets done by three in the morning. He is someone who will offer to come pick me up and ask if I need something to eat.

What has been the most memorable thing you've done as an actor?
That has to be the Shimla sequence of Kis Desh. They had shown a scene where I had to jump into the khadi to save Harman. People suggested I use a body-double. But I refused and I pulled the shot on my own. So I'm proud I did it (smiles).
What is currently happening in Meher's life in Kis Desh?
A lot of closeness is being shown between Meher and Preet currently. They go to have some alone-time to this guest house but it so happens that their whole family is already present there. And when Meher enters the house wearing jeans and kurti, everyone is surprised. Normally Meher wears salwar-kameez and so this gets a bit awkward for her. So she goes on to explain why she is wearing what she's wearing and so on…it's a fun rom-com situation!

You faced a lot of trauma when your mother was diagnosed with cancer.

Yes, I was completely shattered when the doctor told me that my mom had only twenty days left. I couldn't believe it was happening. And the way Manav supported me at that time, nobody else has. He made me feel, that it's okay and that he is there for me. I would have been so low if it were not for him. What was I to him then? Just a friend. Still he was so very supportive. That's what I like about Manav. He goes out of his way to help people.

So does Kis Desh hold a special place in your heart, because you met Manav on its sets?
Yes, Kis Desh is very special. Actually when you work with a person instead of courting, you get to know the real person. And I'm glad I got to know Manav so well. Or else I would have taken his niceness as just a part of trying to impress me (smiles). Because I worked with him, I can confidently say that he is truly, genuinely, kind hearted.

Manav has named you Meher, post-marriage, which is your character name in Kis Desh…why?

Actually, it's not like because he met me in Kis Desh, he has kept the name for me. It's just that Meher means blessing in Punjabi. And Manav being a Punjabi could relate to me more as Meher as he considers me as God's blessing (smiles). He couldn't feel the same way about Vaishali.

Manav and Piyush share a great friendship too…
Manav is adored not just by my brother but my whole family. He is the most wanted person always amongst my brother, father, bua, maasi, chacha, chachi everyone…(laughs). But of course, Piyush also has a great deal of respect for him. He holds him in the highest regard.

So when are you and Manav planning to go the family way?
Family is of course on the cards. But when you start a family you have to be ready to give time to the kids. We first want to get ourselves totally prepared and then go for it. Let's see, maybe in another two or three years. But eventually it's in God's hands. It should be a part of his major plan too.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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Fatima_Q 11 years ago Nice to know that you and Manav are happy together.
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Aurum 13 years ago aww. she sounds like shes definitely in love =]=]
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-Ritz- 13 years ago awwww thanks TB for an awesome article and Kis desh is very special to all kis desh fans.
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myluv_harshad 13 years ago WONDERFUL interview!!!! Vaishali and Manav.... I wish you both all the happiness in the world!!! such a sweet and cute couple!!! god bless:)))
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desi_baby07 13 years ago God Bless Meher and Manav. :)
They're really sweet. Great interview.
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lil_desi_goddes 13 years ago she is soo adorable, and in response to additi's question, Meher's brother Piyush Sahdev was the Kulwant in the serial Meet Mila De Rabba, that used to come on Sony TV, hope it helps!
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stephhh 13 years ago she looks just like her brother, Piyush and they both have sweet smile with cute face. I am a big fan of both of them :)
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XSilentPrayersX 13 years ago Soo the way WHO IS PIYUSH???
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Iriss 13 years ago awww such a sweet interview n so happy to know she is happy

and the scene ahead she described so looking forward to see it hehe
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anoosree 13 years ago thanks, i like meher in kis desh and hope the scene mentioned would be fun to watch. god bless her, her family. kis desh rocks.
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