'Male Bille' is predictable, boring (Kannada Film Review)

Film: 'Male Bille'; Director: Mahesh Sukhadhare; Cast: Diganth, Pragna and Akshay; Music: Manikanth Kadri; Rating: **

Film: 'Male Bille'; Director: Mahesh Sukhadhare; Cast: Diganth, Pragna and Akshay; Music: Manikanth Kadri; Rating: **

Director Mahesh Sukhadhare showed lot of promise in his first two films 'Sambhrama' and 'Sainika', but he failed to live up to expectations in the movies that followed. He returns to direction after a gap of nearly five years with 'Male Bille', but his attempt turns out to be a damp squib.

The movie, which has been produced by Mahesh, makes for a tedious view for Kannada film audiences who have been overburdened with many mediocre films in recent times.

'Male Bille' doesn't have a believable story and it often looks like a collage of sequences shown in many youth-oriented films. From the first sequence itself, the movie looks too predictable and boring.

Mahesh also shows poor taste by incorporating some really tiresome comedy sequences that look out of place for the film.

Though Manikanth Kadri has come out with classic compositions, the director has not been able to translate them well on the celluloid. Even the dialogues seem very ordinary and fail to make any impact.

In 'Male Bille', Anjali, who hails from a middle class family, comes to Bangalore to take an engineering exam. While travelling in a bus, she meets Anand, a happy-go-lucky guy.

Anjali feels Anand is an irresponsible person who is disinterested in studies. Anjali finally passes her course to become a software engineer, but Anand ends up as a poorly paid sales promotion agent.

Anjali humiliates Anand and is set to marry her boss Akash. But just before her marriage, she comes to know that she was able to answer her engineering entrance test because of Anand. This puts Anjali in a dilemma.

Diganth is good in a few sequences but his characterisation is sketchy. Debutant Akshay fails to make an impact. Pragna looks convincing as a software engineer, but she overacts as a college girl taking the engineering exams. Doddanna delivers a good performance in the police inspector's role.

Manikanth Kadri's music is impressive. Two songs of the film 'Chandamaama, Chandamaama' and 'Nanage Ninna Muddisuvaase' have become popular. However, Kadri trips in his background music which oscillates between good and average.

'Male Bille' turns out to be just ordinary fare.

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