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Major twist: Anubhav to marry Gungun instead of Akriti in ‘Kabhie Kabhie Ittefaq Se’

‘Kabhie Kabhie Ittefaq Se’ is all set for a major twist as Anubhav and Gungun will soon get married.

Published: Wednesday,Apr 13, 2022 07:38 AM GMT-06:00
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Anubhav, Gungun and Akriti

Star Plus show ‘Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey’ is gearing up for an interesting track. The current track revolves around Anubhav announcing his marriage with Akriti. Maya highly humiliated the Kulshreshtas resulting in Anu and Gungun’s alliance getting broken. Charu announced that he will get Anu married on the same date that was decided for Anu-Gungun’s wedding. Anu and Gungun are deeply hurt with the scenarios but they’re trying to keep a straight face and pretending to be happy with the decision taken by the families.

In the upcoming episodes, Riddhesh and Gungun reach at Kulshershtas house to apologies but they see that there’s Anubhav’s sangeet ceremony taking place. Gungun gets shocked to know that Anubhav has decided to get married to Akriti. Riddhesh asks Charu about the same and Charu tells him that Anubhav and Akriti’s wedding got fixed at the end moment. Gungun apologises to Charu and the entire family. Charu asks her to forget about everything. Gungun states that she will surely attend her sister’s wedding rituals.

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India Forums has exclusively learned that the viewers will witness a major twist in the show as Anubhav will end up getting married to Gungun and not Akriti. The recent episodes had the fans a little upset as they wanted their favourite #AnuGun together and in the forthcoming episodes, the fans will witness the duo getting hitched.

A close source stated, “Anubhav will marry Gungun while getting married to Akriti”.

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Wanderlust05 4 months ago BULLSH*T this show has become. I'd still understand Anubhav marrying Gungun. Why the hell did they have to show bigamy crap!? Have the makers no shame? Not only are they ruining the show, also don't have any regards or respect for the original makers (Khorkuto) for ruining their storyline and filling it with such toxicity. Why call it a flippin remake when they gonna add their crap to this? Also, they can't use the same technique they used for Ghum Hain Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein for Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaaq Sey (even tho I hate to say, Ghum is 100 times better than this). GHKKPM was shown to be of a love triangle, KKIS was shown to be of how AnuGun, two complete opposites, fall in love after a contract marriage and how they make it work despite all odds. We signed up for AnuGun, for the light heart banters, for their slow romance, for Anubhav's loving family- not for this stupid Akriti-Anubhav-Gungun angle. They have deviated so much from the original story line, it's actually a great form of disrespect to the makers of Khorkuto. I'm afraid, even Yesha and Manan (whom I love a lot) and their chemistry won't keep me going with this show.
That's it. This is ITV's worst, most toxic and pathetic show!
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Palak2812 4 months ago Idk why
GG is apologizing

She did nothing wrong
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Palak2812 4 months ago Anubhav and Kulshetras are hypocrites and shameless and don't deserve GG.
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Palak2812 4 months ago It is nothing new of unique

GG deserves better
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Anugun0507 4 months ago I thought kkis was different.hoping after Anugun wedding we get the old charm back
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md410 4 months ago The question is how? All know they will get married as they are the leads and basic concept of original show if followed in remake.
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dusk2dawn 4 months ago Its called shaadi mein twist.. which is the only twist all itv show has..🤦‍♀️
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nutmeg7 4 months ago How to increase the word count of the article when only single line confirmation is available! Kudos!
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shahsb_26 4 months ago I guess it's obvious that those two will marry given they are leads, but how is still a question? What's up with obvious things in article?
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Miracle_lover 4 months ago ‘A little upset’ is an understatement lol more like most of us are disgusted by what they are currently showing. Same story different people 😩
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