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Major confusion in ‘Imlie’ as she gets pregnant but Aryan learns that he is infertile

Gear up for an interesting episode of Star Plus show ‘Imlie’.

Published: Saturday,May 28, 2022 05:37 AM GMT-06:00
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Imlie and Aryan

Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Aryan and Imlie being heart-broken because of the loss of their baby. They also have learned that Imlie can never become a mother which has left the entire family devastated. Aryan wants Imlie to forget about the same and focus on work. 

In the previous episodes, Narmada takes Imlie to a priest and asks her to give 100 drops of blood which might wipe off her disability to conceive a baby. While Imlie doesn’t believe in the superstition, she agrees to visit the priest but learns that he is a fraud. She denies to do anything told by him. In the upcoming episodes, Narmada forces her to perform the ritual. Imlie fools around in front of the Baba and Nila but Narmada forces her to cut her hand and donate blood. 

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Aryan reaches home and talks to Arpita and Sundar about Imlie. He gets a call and gets shocked and leaves hurriedly. Just when Nila was about to cut Imlie’s hand, Aryan arrives there and stops the ritual. He gets angry on Narmada for getting manipulated by Nila. He states that he should cut his hand but Narmada stops him. Aryan thanks Jyoti for informing her about Narmada and Nila’s acts.

Furthermore, Nila and Narmada make Imlie perform yet another puja. Imlie faints. It is further revealed that Imlie is pregnant. Meanwhile Aryan gets his reports and he learns that he is infertile. Aryan thinks if he is infertile, how can Imlie get pregnant.

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neha11122 2 months ago Well this will be the start of investigating this pregnancy truth…I hope Aryan Singh Rathore probes further like an intelligent business man he has always been..I don’t see him doubting imlie but yes there may be a way he may keep a distance from imlie to investigate this matter and keep the baby safe since she is pregnant..but yes the track is getting interesting if it goes the investigations way! The makers of imlie have given amazing tracks so far…so I am gonna trust on them and continue watching..please don’t ruin this for us..we trust you guys..also please change implies wardrobe or stylist…those sarees are just not suiting her profile…give her some cotton or chiffon sarees or normal suits…🙂
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aaradhaya1688 2 months ago I have no words
But will watch coz arylie 😍
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rekha02 2 months ago I will continue watching due to Aryan and AryLie . Limit coming here or Twitter. The real stress lies in reading thoughts of others which r full of negativity
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rekha02 2 months ago There r all sorts of viewers, we need to choose which r we. Like Narmaada always confused , believe whatever is served. Like BD who thinks everything is going too fast . Like BM who never believes both partners can be equal.
Like Sundar Arpita who will always believe in them and be with them. Aryan can doubt if he is infertile how come his wifey is pregnant . Good episode
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PrincessDiana 2 months ago Only 4 people know wht happening: arylie, SMaiyya, Mrs LG
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ALUJNA21 2 months ago Because of Narmada the double standard woman once she was mum and taking no all the shit from Neema I change channel now.
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Param-Sundari 2 months ago Infertility ka ping-pong kyu khel rahe ho?
Kehna kya chahte ho? 👀
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