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Mahima Makwana says 'Everything can wait right now, you get life only once'

Mahima Makwana gets talking about keeping up with the ongoing pandemic, what she wants to do on TV, if she'll bid adieu to TV, and more. Read her conversation here.

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Mahima Makwana has been an absolute stunner and her Telugu movie won her a lot of applause. While she has been doing multiple projects, the actress also has a lot to offer. She was also seen in the web series Flesh and Rangbaaz Phirse. She is popular for her roles in Sapna Suhane Ladakpan Ke, Rishton Ka Chakravyuh, and was last seen in Shubharambh. She got in touch with us and spoke about television, the pandemic, and more.

How have you been keeping up with the ongoing pandemic?

Like we all know, times are extremely crucial and depressing, the world around and people around are going through such a difficult time, it is extremely depressing to even hear an ambulance going every next minute. You are constantly hearing about deaths and how people are running after oxygen, hospital, and ICU, it is impossible for any of us to feel normal. Even when I am talking about it, I am trying to imagine and fathom what people may be going through. We are privileged that we are home and we are keeping safe, so I have not been doing anything at all because it is difficult for me to distract myself and have a temporary escape. But we all know that it is important to keep ourselves mentally sane, I have a pet, he is a golden retriever and his name is Parinda, so I just try and spend my time with him and he is helping with keeping me fine. Right now, he is my angel, I got him at such a favourable time, so he is keeping me sane. 

Shoots have been going on and it has been difficult with actors and crew members testing positive. What would you say about that?

I was very apprehensive about shooting as well because I know that if I get it I will be okay but I fear getting it home and let that touch your parents. The second wave is more dangerous and dreadful so according to me, we should stop shooting outside as well, but I also understand the other side because there are telecasts and episodes to meet but I think that everything can wait right now. If we can't eat two rotis, then we should live on one roti, but life, once it is gone, it will not come back and it has been the biggest lesson for everyone. I think all of us should just pay attention to the guidelines and stay at home.

How difficult do you think is it to break stereotypes? Your recent photoshoot has come across as quite the transformation.

As actors you always try to break stereotypes and do unconventional stuff, you try to pick out characters which we have never done before or something that gives you this mettle to perish. So right now, I thought why not assimilate this idea into a photoshoot. Transformation in the sense, there is also the maturity that comes into place, you learn how the industry works, instances, experiments, all this has let me understand a lot of things. 

With films happening, will you be away from television?

TV is something which has made me what I am today and I have gotten the opportunities because of the TV audience and the characters, so I owe my career to TV because it has made me what I am today, so I can never forget my roots as an actor. In any profession, one is asked to be grounded, and TV is irreplaceable for me. I have never given reality shows a shot, so why not, I might as well do something of that sort, but there is nothing about bidding adieu to TV because the journey I've had here is a learning process for me.

What kind of reality show would you like to do?

Dancing is something I want to showcase because reality shows are a milestone because there you don't have a fictitious story where you are trying to portray a character or a story, there you have to be yourself and if you make one mistake, you are off the cradle. It is tough, people take reality shows like it is easy but it is equally challenging, so maybe something adventurous or dancing, why not.

Mahima is gearing up for her next film, however, further details about it will come out in the time to come.

Mahima Makwana

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