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Magic and Tragic of 1 second

Have you ever experienced the magic or tragic of one second?

Published: Friday,Feb 06, 2009 19:41 PM GMT-07:00
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Have you ever experienced the magic or tragic of one second? Of course everyone come across

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such a situation someday or the other in life. Director Partho Ghosh upcoming flick 'Ek Second Jo Zindagi Badal De' is set on these fractions of seconds that changes one's destiny. Here he shares his real life experience.

Its when I was a struggling director in the industry and was looking for a good break. For that I was in constant touch with producer Pranlal Mehta but, he was already producing two films '100 days' and one more so he had no break for me at that moment.  And suddenly it happened that the director Bhaskar Shetty whom he roped in for his other project met with an accident and he passed away. Mr. Mehta had me in mind,he roped me for '100 days' and shifted the other director Arun Bhatt to his other project.

Within a fraction of second a struggling director like me got a good break and my debut film '100 days' turned out to a big success. This is something like Ek Second Jo Zindagi Badal De.

'Ek Second Jo Zindagi Badal De' is a story based on 'destiny' and it brings out the point that how whatever is written in one's destiny in some way or other the incidents actually happen but if we fight against it and make the incident happen in a different way. Then what will it lead to?

The movie stars experienced actors like Manisha Koirala and Jackie Shroff. It also have newbies like Nikita Anand, Roza Catalano, and politician turned actor Suniiel Singhh.

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