Jackie Shroff unveils the heart behind the 'Bhidu' DM to Ananya Panday during 'Kho Gaye Hum Kahan' buzz

In a recent conversation with Humans Of Bombay Jackie Shroff clarified the reason why he sent the 'Bhidu' DM to Ananya Panday amid the release of 'Kho Gaye Hum Kahan'.

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Jackie Shroff and Ananya Panday

In this Tinsel Town, where relationships often take center stage, Jackie Shroff has once again proven that his camaraderie extends beyond the silver screen. The veteran actor recently sent a warm and succinct message, "Bhidu," to Ananya Panday, lauding her standout performance in the film "Kho Gaye Hum Kahan." Ananya, who plays the character Ahana in the movie, has received accolades for her remarkable acting skills.

In a recent interview, Ananya Panday shared the heartening encounter with Jackie Shroff, highlighting the message she received from him via Instagram DM. The message, though brief, spoke volumes, as Jackie Shroff expressed his appreciation and support for the budding talent. He assured Ananya of his unwavering backing, signifying a bond that goes beyond mere mentorship.

Jackie Shroff, shedding light on the reason behind his heartfelt message, clarified that it was his way of reinforcing his commitment to always stand by Ananya Panday. Recognizing her as the daughter of his close friend Chunky Panday, Jackie emphasized the enduring friendships he shares with the fathers of today's actors. This connection seamlessly extends to the new generation, embodying the spirit of mentorship and support in the film industry.

In a candid conversation with Humans of Bombay, Jackie Shroff shared insights into his enjoyment of socializing at Bollywood gatherings, where he connects effortlessly with the younger generation. He highlighted the shared understanding and acceptance that form the basis of his camaraderie with emerging talents. On the professional front, while Jackie Shroff recently graced the screen in "Masti Mein Rehne Ka" alongside Neena Gupta, Ananya Panday is gearing up for her next venture, "Control." Reports also suggest her involvement in "The Untold Story of C Sankaran Nair," promising audiences more of her acting prowess.

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