Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aaditya Singh talk about Chandrakanta and the pressure to do well!

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Colors is all set to come up with it's much awaited show, Ek Mayavi Prem Gaatha - Chandrakanta. The show will see Madhurima Tuli as the female lead, while Vishal Aaditya Singh will be the male lead. Starring along with the duo will be Shilpa Saklani Agnihotri and Urvashi Dholakia.

The show will be seen replacing Naagin 2, and will go on air on the 24th of this month. We got in touch with Madhurima and Vishal, and here's what they had to say about the show. 

Tell us about the Ek Mayavi Prem Gaatha - Chandrakanta!

Madhurima: Well, I would say that the show is a fantasy world. Yes, Chandrakanta has come earlier as well, but we are trying to do something different this time. And of course, it's a Balaji Telefilms' show, so it's bound to bring something new. We are hoping the audience likes it and it's magic.

It's a mythological show. How did you guys prepare yourself?

Vishal: Well, we did quite a few things. For starters, we had to learn sword fighting, horse riding, and do some script reading sessions in order to get the dialect and talking style. Also, (laughs) I've put lenses. After all, it isn't a daily soap, so yeah, that's what we did.

Madhurima: Yes, that's all that we've done. We learned sword fighting for 7-8 days and had script reading sessions. 

Madhurima, you were shortlisted from 60 actresses, so how does it feel?

Well, I didn't really know about that, but now that I do, it feels great. As it is, I am very thankful to Ekta (Kapoor), so I really hope that I live upto her expectations because she's believed in me.

Chandrakanta is already on air on Life OK and comparisons are bound to happen. What do you have to say about that?

Madhurima: Well, it is a challenge for us of course. One Chandrakanta is already on air, and we are coming up with the other. So, we are hoping for the best. We are trying our best obviously and we hope we make it big.

Vishal: Yes of course, comparisons are going to happen, but there's no harm in that. All I believe in is doing my work with conviction.

Your show will be replacing Naagin 2, which, is a TRP topper. What do you have to say about it?

Madhurima: I can't work under pressure. Colors is replacing Naagin 2 with our show, so I am sure they must have thought something. The two shows are completely different.  While the former is a revenge love story, ours is a magical fantasy and I am hoping it does well and is received well.

Vishal: Well, we are working with all that we can. If not Naagin 2, it would have taken the time slot of some other show. So, it does not really affect us much, all we know is to do our best and let the audience decide.

Lastly, your message to the fans?

Madhurima: Well, we have really worked hard and we hope you like it. Watch us on Saturday - Sunday from 24th June, 8pm.

Vishal: It's going to be a treat for the audience. The way we are presenting the story and the VFX. And of course, with the mastermind behind it all, Ekta Kapoor, one can expect the best. We are sure nothing has been shown in this way. 

What do you have to say about the show? Leave your comments below.


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twinkle_af 3 years ago Disastrous costumes! This Chandrakanta is no match for a princess... Looks like an Aunty.

Life OK Chandrakanta rocks!2017-06-22 04:12:26
babelicious 3 years ago This chandrakanta is not at all good looking. Why her?! She looks old as well for that role. Another flop show in the making
crazyy4ashish 3 years ago Vishal aaditya Singh commenting only for u
Shaina_b 3 years ago This is nothing like the novel!!!!

Also typical Ekta show in fantasy setting!!!!

Life OK Chandrakanta is far better with stronger characters!!!!

Luna99 3 years ago Cast is not at all good looking.
I don't like the life ok Chandrakanta too but this one is gonna be worse
Fearless_Lover 3 years ago Why always a woman plays negative role in Ekta Kapoor's serials?
First of all I m nt expecting something new from the #soapqueen
Btw if m nt wrong this is also a revenge love story just like naagin 2
ACC. 2 d promos Virendra came to kill her
eventually he fell in love with d chandrakanta
Bas revenge ka reason different hai LOL nice try *thumps up*
Best of luck
naneta 3 years ago "Its ekta's show and bound to bring something NEW" hahahahahah joke of the century lol
purepunjabi 3 years ago Comparisons are going to happen obviously.although I'm not watching first one too religiously but frankly speaking outfits of kritika and other star cast of life ok's chandarkanta are much much better..these outfits seems weird to me especially chandarkanta's..
naina-ana 3 years ago Commenting for vishal aaditya Singh:)
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