Madhura Naik narrates the heart wrenching tale of her sister & brother in law being murdered in Israel

Naagin fame Madhura Naik opens up on her sister and her brother in law being murdered in Israel amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

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Madhura Naik

The ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict remains a deeply entrenched and highly volatile crisis in the Middle East, causing tragic loss of life and immense civilian suffering.

Amid the escalating violence in the region, Madhura Naik, known for her roles in popular shows like Naagin, shared a heart-wrenching story on her Instagram account. She recounted the devastating ordeal of her cousin sister and her husband, who were brutally murdered before their two children.

In this video, Madhura can be seen revealing how, a Palestinian terrorist murdered her sister Odaya and her husband in front of their two children. The actress can further be seen stating that she was shocked to see how deep the pro Palestinian propoganda runs and that she was shamed for being jewish. 

Sharing this video, the actress showed her solidarity with Israel and wrote, ''Am yisrael chai #istandwithisrael #standwithisrael

Sharing a vision of true freedom that must be. 🙏💔

Also Israel is = occupied Palestine, not the other way round. Go back to 560 BCE for those who lack knowledge or history! 🇮🇱🇮🇳🙏

The actress went ahead to reveal how Israel is in pain and stated that her streets are burning, her women are burning and that Women, the elderly and the weak are being targeted by the terrorists. 

She concluded by reciting a poem of Rabindranath Tagore and urged that she does not support violence of any kind and also asked everyone to support Israel. 

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@shiva02 You Indians are the last ones who should be talking about honour since your fascist prime minister treats minorities like crap. You people shamelessly support a filthy apartheid regime so don’t lecture me on honour.

Show me evidence of Palestinians doing terrible things to Israeli women and children. Don’t show me nonsense from news channels. Show me confirmed incidents, not just mere speculation. If you can’t, then know that you’re a brainwashed moron like most of your fellow countrymen.

I don’t expect anything more from the likes of you since I already know that you Indians love to dick ride Israel.

Funny thing is Israelis hate your kind because you guys are pagans. But go ahead and continue the bootlicking. Gives us a good laugh.


4 months ago

This is pure hypocrisy and selective outrage from her but I don’t expect anything more from those who support a terrorist organization like IDF that sees nothing wrong with murdering babies.

I actually lost count of how many times she contradicted herself throughout the entire video.

“I don’t support violence against anyone”

But she definitely supports the IDF that commits violence against Palestinian children. So yes she does support violence against Palestinians.

“As of today Israel and her people are in pain”

Palestine and its people have been in pain since 1948. They have been forced to live under an apartheid regime that treats them worse than animals IN THEIR OWN LAND while the rest of the world shamelessly supports the oppressors. Their homes are being bulldozed to make way for the invaders to settle. Will she ever speak up for them?

When IDF terrorists attack Muslims at the Al Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan every year, why does she stay silent about it?

When Israeli politicians refer to Palestinian children as “snakes”, where does her outrage go?

When Israeli citizens gather together to chant “Death To Arabs”, where the f**k is her outrage?

When IDF soldiers openly brag about raping and murdering young Palestinian girls, where the f**k is her outrage? Will she ever condemn the atrocities committed by the IDF?

Palestine has EVERY RIGHT to defend itself from the invading terrorists who have hijacked their land. Now when they are taking a stand and fighting to take back their lost land, these clowns are fuming with rage. Like I said earlier, selective outrage.


4 months ago

My condolences to Madhura and family for senseless loss.

4 months ago

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