Madhavan in Sssshhhh... Phir Koi Hai

Superstar Madhavan, based on his experience in the horror thriller '13 B', will help a family solve supernatural mystery in Star One's Sssshhhh... Phir Koi Hai...

Encapsulating horror in the most 'terror'fying fashion, Star One's Sssshhhh… Phir Koi Hai will have superstar Madhavan essaying a role in the upcoming episode – Paalna. Madhavan, based on his experience in the horror thriller '13 B', will help a family solve supernatural mystery and rescue the kid from the clutches of the ghostly beings. 

Featuring the petrifying tale that revolves around Nandini (played by Rucha Gujarati) and her daughter Sara, Ssshhh…Phir Koi Hai brings another bone chilling story – Paalna. Nandini along with her daughter Sara, pays visit to Paalna, an age old orphanage from where Nandini herself was adopted, only to realize that it is not operational anymore. The only occupants are old mother matron and the watchman Peter, leaving a very eerie feel to the place. Much to her reluctance, Nandini is forced to stay back for the night on her matron's insistence. 

Instead of enjoying her childhood memories, strange incidents start bothering Nandini as Sara starts to play with the nonexistent kids and to prove her point, shows Nandini a doll, gifted to her by one of her new found friends Poor Nandini is terrified as she recognizes the toy…which belonged to her 'dead' friend Rani. As Nandini is still reeling from the shock the unthinkable happens … Sara goes missing…., and then enters Madhavan as Manohar! Fresh from his experience at his house '13 B', he convinces Nandini's husband – Arvind of the paranormal and introduces Maria, a clairvoyant who will help the family from this crisis.

Will Madhvan's personal experience help the family get Sara?  Will he succeed in overcoming the supernatural powers? 

Catch the fear-provoking episode of 'Paalna' with superstar Madhavan..only on Ssshhh.. Phir Koi Hai, 6th March, at 10 pm on Star One...

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Comments (7)

wow...maddy back on smallscreen...will def watch this episode

14 years ago

it would be great to see him small screen

i loved him immencely in ghar jamai

14 years ago

Wow .........My Fav Madhavan
Awaiting it .

14 years ago

Maddy in SPKH haila will the watch the epi!!

14 years ago

OMG 1st kaante ki takkar then CID and now ssh phir koi he for promotion..?nwyays..Thanx

14 years ago

omg madhavan in telly show
i''m shocked

14 years ago

Ohhh!!...I jus loveeeeeee Shh pkh..its one the most interesting horrors ever on Television. & really excited to see Madhavan thr!

14 years ago

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