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Made In China Movie Review: A comedy film without any comedy that conflicts the whole Idea!

The loosely tied film adds a stain to Rajkummar’s career which will make you question his decision to choose this film...


Made in China is a comedy-drama that talks about the business of aphrodisiac products. The film is loosely based on sex-education as it narrates the story of a young entrepreneur Raghu (Rajkummar Rao) and his wife Rukhmini (Mouni Roy) falls in trouble for selling these products.

If we try to chart the number of Bollywood films that talk about sex-education released in the current year, there are numerous lingering similarities that are exactly the same as the previous one. In order to create a motive, makers tend to make a common mistake of adding unnecessary drama and speeches which hold no cynical reason for their presence. The film is carried on for more than two hours based on a murder, the least writer could have done is add a closure to the open ends. The film gets cluttered further on and what can be better than the conflict of the idea itself!

The most ironic part is that makers want the audience to discuss such sensitive and personal issues in public on a serious platform, but they also fail to understand they are trying to make a comedy film out of it! 

How ironic is that? Such stupid action makes you challenge your gut and ask them why, why this specific topic, what is the reason you tried to make this film? 

Rajkummar Rao who is colossal of the big games has had diversity in his characters, but what about this film? Why can't he get a hold of this character from this film? Previously, Rao was known for his film choices but what made the actor lose the mastery of his art? While you expect a lot from his this film it only seems to be a spin-off of Sonakshi Sinha's Khandani Shafakhana, but a better mellowed down version of it! 

The whole film is loosely tied up on the hopes of misleading contexts and dialogues which have their own highs and lows! In comparison, Boman Irani offers a speech at a gathering in college but if you look more closely and listen to the dialogues careful, the whole scenario reminds you of 3 Idiots when Chatur offers a speech with misleading contexts and dialogues which are roughly based on metaphors. Made in China is a comedy film without any comedy!

The director has failed to add an aesthetic value to the film. To understand the following argument you need to look carefully at the railway track where Mouni Roy and Rajkummar Rao hangout consuming alcohol. The most important aspect of the Language of Cinema is the need to show the background tone of a scene according to the setting of a sequence. When a character is stuck under conflict Instead of adding a background with bright lights, a darker shade (gloomy lighting/ambient light) could have upscaled the authenticity of a sad sequence. After all, lighting does play a crucial role in cinema. 

Mouni's expressions are concealed with heavy makeup and she could have done a better job presenting herself in this film. But, she failed.

On the other hand, Boman Irani and Paresh Rawal have proved to be a trump card for this film, no doubt the actors know what they are up to and why expressions are important. Despite loopholes, they know how to pull off a character with utmost elegance and grace. Growing age does grant you experience and that’s what acting is all about. 

In conclusion, the film is best for you if you plan to pass time and you have great tolerance for ironic films that conflict with the whole idea or the motive of a film.

(Ratings- 2/5)

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Boman Irani Mouni Roy Paresh Rawal Rajkummar Rao Made In China (2019) 

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