Maayka and Betiyaan complete 500 episodes..

Dheeraj Kumar threw a party last Friday as his two shows Maayka and Betiyaan completed 500 episodes..

Well known TV producer Dheeraj Kumar threw a party on Friday night to celebrate the completion of 500 + episodes of his hit Zee TV shows, Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan and Maayka. The caste and crew of both these Creative Eye dailies were there in full strength. 

Romit Raj, Kanchi Kaul, Neha Bamb, Kshitee Jog, Tanushree Kaushal and Karan Hukku, Aleeza, Gunjan Walia and many others were present. Dheeraj personally introduced the entire team including the technicians. He also ran a quick AV of both the shows right from the beginning to where the story stands currently.

Although everybody was well dressed, Kanchi Kaul stood out in her white outfit.

We talked to Dheeraj Kumar who says, "I am happy that both my shows have reached the 500 mark. I want to say that it is challenging to accomplish this feat, in today's scenario where there are so many shows and channels to complete with. And we have succeeded because of the hard work of our entire unit. I pray to God that we continue the same way."

When asked him about the USP of the shows, he quips, "Both the shows have a very strong social relevance in the subject, and it is the identification of viewers with every character that has clicked".

Neha Bamb who has been part of Maayka for quite a long time says, "The Punjabi flavor of the show is its main USP as there are Punjabi's not only in India, but world wide as well. I also enjoyed the recap as it refreshed old memories".  She went on, "I am very close to my co-stars Jayati Bhatia and Kanchi Kaul. "It's a good thing to know that two actresses can be friendly in an atmosphere of competition. We know each other for a long time, so there is no rivalry". Admitting to the fact that Maayka may end, Neha states "Well whatever begins has to end. The important thing is that you enjoy it till it lasts".

Romit Raj who is part of both the shows, states, "I am feeling very happy as both the shows are fantastic. I got to learn from these shows; I have portrayed many shades of the character in Betiyaan and got a chance to work with ace directors of the industry like Rajan Shahi, Santosh Bhatt, Romesh Kalra, Ranjan, Manish Kandelwal, Apoorva, Rahul, Ashish and many more." 

Dheeraj later cut the cake and soon everybody hit the dance floor with gusto. As the DJ belted out the hit number 'Pardesi girl', we could see Dheeraj Kumar too shaking a leg for few seconds. 

Among the guests, Gaurav Chopra was seen having a good time. Alok Nath also was seen. Rajshri Thakur arrived with husband, but hardly anybody was seen interacting with her, and she soon left. The party went on till the wee hours of the morning.

Vivan Bhatena, who plays a very important role in Maayka was not seen till we left. Jasweer Kaur who plays the negative Pavithra was also absent as she was in Kolkata.

Reporter: Anil Merani, Ranjini Nair
Author: Anil Merani


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Neha Bamb

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Comments (24)

congrats 2, the shows
i luv em both

14 years ago

yeah i totally agree with u pallavi...Neha -Vivan should be on Maayka poster..i hate to see shilpa...she was nothing... ! Mahi-Shabd should be on the top...they rules so as Maayka!

14 years ago

Neha and Kanchi are amazing in white. The nws look like a costume party dressed as frankenstein and bride of. lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

14 years ago

congrats but i dont watch any of thes soperas

14 years ago

Congratulations to all the hard working actors and Production team....

Was there any need to put down Rajshri Thakur in the article? - A simple "She attended with her husband and left early" would have suffice. I was a fan of Saat Phere so I might be considered bias. But I always found she carries herself with dignity and act respectfully in public from photos. Regardless of who it is is is simply not nice to put down someone as she was in this article...

14 years ago

oh... congrats to both d shows....all d best for d future...

14 years ago

it is high time for both of these shows to end

14 years ago

Ugh they ignored Rajshri Thakur who is the best actress ever on zee. Stupid people. Hope to see these shows END quickly.

14 years ago

i dont understand why they have the old soni pin in the logo

14 years ago

but I think it is the time to end both of the show...
The story line is very low

14 years ago

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