Maati Se Bandhi Dor: Vaiju to get Kidnapped; Rana to save her

The upcoming episodes promise even more drama as Vaiju gets kidnapped, leading to a rescue mission by Rana.

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Maati Se Bandhi Dor
Maati Se Bandhi Dor. Image Courtesy : Star Plus

Star Plus' recently launched show, Maati Se Bandhi Dor, quickly captures the audience's attention with its high-stakes drama and engaging plot twists. The makers are pulling out all the stops to keep viewers hooked with intriguing storylines and unexpected developments.

The show is currently focusing on Vaiju (played by Rutuja Bajwe) and the challenges she faces. Jaya forces Vaiju to stay at the Patil house to take care of her, even as preparations for Jaya's wedding with Ranvijay (played by Ankit Gupta) are underway. Initially, Ranvijay orders Vaiju to leave his home, but when Jaya cries and insists that her sister stay, Ranvijay reluctantly agrees, allowing Vaiju to remain and care for Jaya.

The upcoming episodes promise even more drama as Vaiju gets kidnapped, leading to a rescue mission by Rana. The villagers, angry because Vaiju and Rana broke village rules by not acknowledging their forced wedding, take matters into their own hands and kidnap Vaiju. This sets the stage for a dramatic rescue by Rana, who must now step up to save her.

Maati Se Bandhi Dor explores the struggles and journey of Vaiju, a hardworking and visionary woman who works in the fields to support her family. Despite her dedication to her family and her ambitions to uplift her lifestyle and improve her village, destiny has other plans for her. The show delves into Vaiju's emotional turmoil as she navigates the challenges in her life, especially after her encounter with Ranvijay.

With Ankit Gupta and Rutuja Bajwe in the lead roles, the show continues to captivate viewers with its heartfelt narrative and relatable characters, promising more thrilling and emotional moments.

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Looking forward to the action. Getting tired with this Jaya thing.

4 days ago

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