Love triangle in Jeevan Saathi..

With Gaurav Khanna’s entry, the story is all set for a new turn…

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Jeevan Saathi of COLORS has been faring quite well with the re-entry of Gaurav Khanna as Neil. Now the story will move ahead and soon a love triangle will be seen between Viraj, Neil and Ishwar.

"Well there is a high drama which will unfold soon. I can't talk much about the twist but its related to all three main protagonists", says Hemal Thakkar, Creative, Playtime Creations.

Our sources add that, "Ishwar will realize his love for Viraj and will go through a difficult phase of live. Viraj his wife has gained her memory, but does not recognize Ishwar now. This is where the big challenge for the guy comes where he wants to convey his love to her".

"Another twist to follow is that Neil returns and soon they will come face to face. Viraj has always loved Neil more than anyone and will go back to him in future episodes. But Viraj being the typical Indian woman will ultimately be back to her hubby," chirps the little birdie.

"Well Ishwar will not give up, and will definitely try and make her remember about their past. This is a very interesting phase and Aamir Dalvi has done wonders with the character," concludes the source.

What will happen to Neil and Viraj's relation? How will Ishwar handle the truth? Let's wait and watch for more gossip on the show.

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Comments (8)

I want Ishwar and Viraj to be together i hope she recon him soon as possible.. He is a great actor even though he cant speak he fulfilled everything as a husband and a friend too.

10 years ago

All were excepting that again viraj & neil will get together but its not happening at all. How can this ishwar can take viraj he has no roll at all in the beautiful love story. Now what about all the promises that viraj and neil have doen to each other. They should be together {viraj & neil}

14 years ago

this was expected some variations guys

14 years ago

Good to see Gaurav again!! He doesn''t have much scope in Santaan, at least there will be focus on him here!!

14 years ago

twist?? is it?? cant we expect this much?? same old story.

14 years ago

Nothing Interesting ...
Expected Twist, So Not Liking where this show is Heading towards ..

14 years ago

Gimme a break!!!!

The same Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam Story!!!!

Why don''t they try something new for a change??

And I wish they would kill Ishwar and get Viraj and Neil together again!!!!

14 years ago

Great,happy to see Gaurav back!

14 years ago

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