Love Story 2050 will is the milestone in Indian film history Priyanka

Priyanka Chopra, the charmingly sweet actress, nowadays probably is the hottest topic in the B-town for her stunningly different appearance in Love Story 2050 and association with Baweja family through her boyfriend Harman Baweja.

Priyanka Chopra, the charmingly sweet actress, nowadays probably is the hottest topic in the B-town for her stunningly different appearance in Love Story 2050 and association with Baweja family through her boyfriend Harman Baweja. She looks very excited for her red-haired strange dolly appearance in the film. Let’s share few moments with the actress to know about the film, her character and little more…

Q. Please tell us about your character in the film.
A. My character in the film is known as Jaisha who is a famed pop singer in the year 2050. I don’t think I should tell you anything more about my character in the film.

Q. Jaisha looks the most different character from all the roles you have played till date. How tough was it portraying Jaisha?
A. I have always been looking for something new and extra ordinary to do, whether it’s the action oriented character in Don or negative babe in Intezaar. I am very excited that Love Story 2050 offered me to do something really fresh and different. I don’t think any artiste in Indian film history has ever played such a character. I think I am very lucky having a chance to play it. As far as playing the character is concerned, I faced no problem playing the character. We had no book related to the subject neither we had any example to prepare us. Despite having so many hindrances Harry sir expressed his point of view in such a way that will surely oblige you fantasizing the different world.

Q. How did your prepare yourself for this character?
A. I always have to prepare for my characters personally. I cannot do anything else for my characters. As I have already told you that I had no other way to take care of my character in Love Story 2050. I prepared each and every part of the character sitting with Harry sir only. I understood his point of view and tried my level best to show it on screen. I guess his opinion was the best w
ay to know about the character. I will really feel winning if audiences also love the character.

Q. This is for the first time that you are playing a double role. How was the experience?
A. Yeah, this is my first time experience playing double role. I am very excited as because playing two roles was like having two different opportunities. Now, deciding on how have I done justice to the characters is completely up to you. I cannot say anything on it.

Q. What’s your relation with Boo in the flick?
A. Oh! It’s really an important relationship that I share with Boo in the film. It’s not only my friend but also like my parents and a complete caretaker of my house. It cuts fruits for me, if for any reason I scold it then it also scolds back at me and besides playing all very important roles in my life it becomes my only shoulder to depend on while I get into the future alone.

Q. What will you do if you get a Boo in your real life?
A. Hope your fantasy becomes a truth only. And, well, I have been asking Harry sir for a long time to gift me his Boo but he has hidden the real one somewhere in his house. At the same time, I don’t think that Boo will come with me as it’s really very costly.

Q. People think there are many similarities between Krrish and Love Story 2050. You have played the lead ladies in both of them. How do you accept the matter?
A. Firstly, the films, that you mentioned, are quite different from each other. You may not believe in anyone else’s opinion but you have to believe in me as because I have worked in both the films. While Kkrish was the first super hero in India, Love Story 2050 is the first science fiction based love story in India. The special effects that audience will experience in this film, is the first of its kind. I think Love Story 2050 will prove to be the milestone in Indian film history. The future about the film will be decided only after 4th July but for the time being, we are very confident about it.

Q. Harman says that he has leant a lot from you. Has he accepted you as his Guru on the sets?
A. That will be decided only after he pays me the Gurudakshina. (Laughs) I cannot ask his finger like Dronacharya did. Isn’t it! Well, whether my teaching has really helped him or not will be proved only after 4th July when the film will be released.

Q. How have you found the possibilities in Harman as an actor?
A. Everyone says that each newcomer’s first film looks always excellent, but I would like to say that he is excellent as a human being. It never looks like his first film. I have witnessed the same acting ability in Harman that I have seen in Boman Irani. And not only acting but also in every field, he is really excellent. What else can I say? Now you watch the film and decide it yourselves.

Q. Would you like to put the film in the genre of science fiction or futuristic films?
A. It’s true that we are marketing the film as the futuristic one in India and we have no second opinion about that. But before all I would like to make clear that Love Story 2050 is a love story at the fore and then it has its futuristic approach. It starts with a love story and ends with the same. It might have happened at Ooty or in London or even in Mars but for the time being it’s happening in Mumbai. But the most important matter is in spite of 2008, it’s happening in 2050.

-Rajnee Gupta

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