'Love ki Victory ke liye kuch bhi karega'

Priyanka to be a part of Harman's 'Victory'.

'Victory' starring actors Harman Baweja and Amrita Rao was suppose to release in November this
year got delayed due to several reasons.Now its heard that to adorn the project and make it more profitable for the distributors,the makers of the film are including a profane item number in which Harman's ladylove Priyanka will sizzle.

Its known that the film earlier was facing some hassles with its production and now they are not getting buyers for the film.Reason for this is the recession that has an impact on the industry.

Likewise, the film is backed by 'Adlabs' still it is facing the difficulty in selling it.Harman's debut
'Love Story 2050' did not work well on box-office is also one reason for this trouble.

The distributors have who had shown concern towards the film before have backed out and have agreed to get back to the deal provided a heavy cuts in the price.

Manmohan Shetty one of the producers of the film has insisted the debutant director of the film Ajit Pal to introduce an item number in the movie that will enhance the prospects on the ticket window.

Being a part of this film Harman feels some responsibility towards it so he has requested his girlfriend Priyanka to do an item number for his film and the sweet lady has agreed to it.

After all  'Love ki Victory ke liye kuch bhi karega'. 
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Harman Baweja

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Amrita Rao

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