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Tinsel town has seen its share of blooming friendships, blossoming love, and bonds falling apart over...

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Tinsel town has seen its share of blooming friendships, blossoming love, and bonds falling apart over several decades. The saddest part, we have to admit as the fans, is watching our favorites turn mutually sour.

Some kind of astrological factors are counter playing on SRK's friendly luck. It was Salman Khan, sometime ago, who turned from a thick mate to a frosty foe for the King Khan. The outcome was extremely public and downright ugly with each actor taking his respective digs at the other. Ultimately, a static cold war ensued and has rent the two asunder since.

More recently, we heard of SRK and Farah Khan's tension vibes. It all happened when Farah dumped her prime choice of all times, Shah Rukh Khan, for Action Kumar Akki to play the lead in Tees Maar Khan. Tinsel town's Baadshah was certainly not pleased, and a strain is known to have evolved between the one time fast friends.

This time, adding his name to the enemy camp is younger colleague, Ritesh Deshmukh

The cold waves we hear, have been instigated by SRK's preference of Arjun Rampal over Ritesh to play the villain in Kareena Kapoor co starer superhero flick Ra.One.

Both Arjun and Ritesh have been close friends of Shah Rukh. Why Rampal has taken precedence over Deshmukh in SRK's opinion may have well arisen from plain superstition. Since Arjun did play the villain in blockbuster Om Shanti Om. For King Khan to hold his protagonist-villain duo with Arjun lucky, can naturally be imagined. Hence, we reckon, this choice.

It has left Ritesh feeling very bitter about things however. From what we know, the actor has been brooding with co actor and close friend Jacqueline of recent. It makes us wonder, if offering an appeasing cameo to Ritesh had been entirely impossible for SRK, as a compensation for the last minute ditch.

Whatever the case, top of the BO charts Khan is certainly not in top bonding form at the moment. But dear Mr. Khan, there are only so many friends one can afford to lose in the name of success - we sure hope this is last of personal mistakes we have seen from you!

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