Lokit Phulwani: Body shaming is harmful & unacceptable;it can lead to serious emotional & mental health issues

Rabb Se Hai Dua actor Lokit Phulwani speaks on the issues.

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Body shaming is a reality. Not only the female gender even their counterparts deal with it. Some people often pass not only comments but even start giving free advice and tips. Rabb Se Hai Dua actor Lokit Phulwani speaks on the issue.

“Body shaming is harmful and unacceptable. It can lead to serious emotional and mental health issues. It’s important to promote body positivity, self-acceptance, and respect for diversity in body types. Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect, regardless of their appearance,” he says.

We, as a society and nation, unavoidably judge people by their looks. Even darker boys and girls are stared at and commented upon in schools, colleges, offices and even in the entertainment industry.

“It’s correct that society often places a strong emphasis on looks and appearance, which can lead to discrimination and biases. It’s a deeply ingrained issue that needs to be addressed. Discrimination based on factors like skin colour is unjust and perpetuates inequality. It’s crucial to work towards a more inclusive and accepting society where everyone is treated with fairness and respect, regardless of their appearance,” he adds.

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Lokit did not face body shaming himself but has seen people make comments on overweight individuals

“In my view, it’s important to treat people of all body types and sizes with respect and dignity. Body size should not be a basis for judgment or discrimination. Individuals, like anyone else, should be valued for their character, abilities, and contributions, rather than being defined solely by their size,” he continues, “I think we need more education, media representations, parental guidance, legal protection, creating role models and promoting inclusivity. Ultimately, it’s about changing societal attitudes and creating an environment where people of all shapes, sizes, and appearances are valued and treated with respect and kindness.”

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