Loha Singh and family come to the streets in Agle Janam..

Surbhi eventually manages to burn Loha Singh's Haveli in Zee TV's Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo..

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Zee TV and Swastik Pictures' Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo will soon see a dramatic twist wherein  Surbhi (Charu Asopa) eventually succeeds in destroying Loha Singh's (Sudesh Berry) family as she has actually come to take a revenge of her Sister's  (Sukirti Kandpal) death.

Our source states that, "Shekhar (Abhishek Rawat) throws Surbhi out of the house after her real motive comes to the fore; this prompts Surbhi to chalk another plan, that is to burn the entire haveli. With the help of Suman, she succeeds in burning the haveli.

"Eventually the whole haveli gets burnt but Shekhar saves everyone's lives. However, Surbhi breathes her last, and with this her character wraps up", adds our source.

The Thakur and his family will be left homeless and will remain on the streets for few days, after which they will get a small house for shelter.

We contacted Abhishek Rawat (Shekhar) to know more and he says, "Yes, the Haveli will get burnt once again, but I can't divulge any further details on it".

Guess Loha and his family will have to start their life from scratch now..

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar

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yipee 10 years ago hain when did siddheshwari die in the show?
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princessRock776 10 years ago well she committed suicide in a fire and her younger sister has become a doctor and she also died in the fire in the haveli I will miss the haveli
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RidziPiaJazSimi 10 years ago omg sukku died???
love sukku acting in it.....she is totally rokkkkkkkk2011-01-28 13:11:58
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music_l0ver036 10 years ago So siddeshwari actually died? wow! Love you sunshine!
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mandy0310 10 years ago It is not with Rekha's help, it is with Suman. I hope Suman and Surbhi get what is coming to them, Loha too since he knew about this and didn't stop it from happening.
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Julybaby22 10 years ago Siddeshwari died in this show ?? :O
didn't though that :S loll
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k_anjali12 10 years ago LOVE U SUKIRTI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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milla 10 years ago This is something to watch I will love to see Loha Singh on the street. Its about time that man learn what it like to be poor and homeless.
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princessRock776 10 years ago Are we ever going to know Suman's name? c ' mon creatives we need to know her real name2011-01-28 07:14:02
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KTHFAN1981 10 years ago It is suman with whose help surbhi succeeds in her planning. Rekha is protagonist's sister and she is positive in the show.
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