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Link-ups and Break-ups of 2008..

The year 2008 saw many popular celebrities getting hooked for life, while few relationships went thro' a rough patch...An insight for our readers in our next New Year Special ...


Concept and Author: Rachana Trivedi


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vaibhav896 8 years ago I just joined this forum. and i must say this forum is quite an interesting one . I got so glued that did't even know how time went by.
MS45FOX2012-04-27 03:22:37
smart amy girl
smart amy girl 11 years ago haww....mouni has a boyfrnd in delhi...nd all the best to thee best married couple karan-shradha..!!!!jus love them together..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-aditi- 11 years ago This content is hidden.
MrsKaranGrover 11 years ago Karan-Shraddhz gettign married was the news of the millenium for me...more then them both i think i mthe happies person in the world lol!...May god bless them with all the happiness in this world..

Good luck to all couples in love andsad for those couples which broke up..

i hope gaurav n mouni arent together..

x Mrs.KaranSinghGrover x
RagMasta 11 years ago mouni n gaurav r def not together bc mouni already has a boyfriend, n plus she will never date her best friend (nayrani)''s ex-boyfriend...shes not like that...they r dancing together in the telly awards n the media just took a pic of them together n assuming things....
but if this IS TRUE....this is truly disappointing that mouni will actually do that....
wackysharu 11 years ago purbi and kushal make a great pair... so do juhi and sachin...
r07c 11 years ago Purbi and Kushal look sooo cute, Mouni/Gaurav don''t look good together he look better with Narayani
karan_nandni 11 years ago This content is hidden.
norzar 11 years ago hi

thanks for this

i am very happy for juhisachin

they make a rocking pair

God bless all the couples

NazNgs 11 years ago awwwww love Juhi and Sachin soooo cutteeee...
God bless them both...

awww nayarani and gaurav broke up did not know that..anyways..may they find their soulmates...
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