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Laadli to take 10 pm time slot on Star Plus..

The new Endemol show is all set to come on air from March 16th at the 10 PM slot, and this raises a question mark on the future of Tuj Sang which presently occupies the same slot..

Published: Saturday,Feb 28, 2009 11:42 AM GMT-07:00
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The new offering of Star Plus Mere Ghar Aayi Laadli is all set to come on air in March. The Endemol show features Kanwalieet Singh and a fresh new face Shivshakti as lead, and the buzz is that the new show is to take the slot of 10 PM.
Laadli to take 10 pm time slot on Star Plus..

As per our sources, "Laadli is going on air from 16 March at 10 pm time slot. It's a daily and will take the slot of Balaji Telefilms' Tujh Sang Preet Lagayi Sajna which is presently shown at the same slot."

So does that mean Tuj Sang is going off air? An actor on terms of anonymity says, "The show might either go off air or the time slot would be changed. For now nothing has been decided".

On the other side the lead of Tujh Sang, Pooja Bose quips, "Even I have been hearing all this but the show is not going off air. All I can say is that the time slot will be changed."

For the uninitiated, Telly Buzz had already mentioned that the Balaji show had been given two warnings by the channel due to its dipping TRPs. "Even after all this,  the creative team is trying their level best to deliver and cope up with the pressure," chirps the source.

Alongside, the news in the telly land is that the very unique show with Kiran Bedi Aap Ki Kachehri will be going on a seasonal break very soon. "The season will end around mid March. The dates have not been finalized, but it could be around 20th. So there are bright chances of Tuj Sang taking that time slot," concludes the source.

We could not get the channel's comments on this.

As of now, there are too many questions lingering. It is to be watched whether Tuj Sang indeed gets a time slot change or will be forced to pull down its curtains!!

Reporter:  Srividya Rajesh, Rachana Trivedi
Author: Rachana Trivedi
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-mya- @-mya- 14 years ago aww...miss TSPLS n YUVI today n the whole week...why are they doing this to this show...?coolest show and the JODI on earth...life won''t be same without TSPLS n YUVI...miss u guys..come back soon....LUV U LOADS.
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Shagun @sweet_shagun 14 years ago Everyone chill
Was there a need to bash up other actors show just for your own convinience... Please try respecting others view, just because your favorite show is ending you dont get an authority to bash other shows left right and center..... We understand its sad to see your favorite show ending but bashing others and passing remarks which are offending isnt fair enough right... Please stop bashing other shows and characters ...Its not fair!
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Bini311 @Bini311 14 years ago Comments here are more interesting than the article itself...Unbelieveable how the forum is divided into Ekta and Rajan Shahi''s camp.....but if a show goes off air, I don''t think it is any one else''s fault than the show itself.....cos Star definitely wants to run a show forever...if it holds public interest...so I don''t think SP willingly takes the show off....I think it is harder for them as they spend time and publicity...and again have to find a new show.....it is all based in ratings.....I loved Salaam zindagi in Sony...but it was taken off...what can we say?...Now I don''t get attached to any show too much...so that when it is taken off, it is not that dissapointing!!!
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shabana @shab_rules 14 years ago TSPLS is an outstanding drama, and STARPLUS has lost its mind if their gonna scrap it. shame, shame and more shame on them they will be making a very big mistake if they do
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teena_rit @teena_rit 14 years ago i wonder on one side yug-vrinda,KUNAL-POOJA SAY THE SHOW WILL COME ON 10 PM SLOT FROM MON-FRI AND ON OTHER HAND STAR PLUS IS SAYING to end the show?Whom to beleive?I hope what kunal=pooja are saying is true................shame on star plus,had it not been for Balaji telefilms,STAR PLUS would not have got a historical status.Even today i watch only balaji serials,they are most entertaining,they provide the best entertainment.
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M @TheRowdiest 14 years ago my views only, no offence to anyone.

i m really enjoying kekta''s downfall...it was my dream to see her downfall , that is fullfilling now......

but must say before tujh sang another show deserves to go off air that is kis des.....so SP can replace timing of tujh sang with kis des
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Shruti @shruti 14 years ago It''s a request to all the members not to fight or bring in other shows out here. Please don''t bash any show/actors/characters as there are fans who might be hurt/offended by your comments.

Coming back to the article, it''s just been few months TSPLS has been launched pulling it off air so soon would not be fair. The Channel should give it sometime!!
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Esaba or Lamia..u cud call me anything u want:) @Lamia17 14 years ago @Anchal2: I totally agree with you!!!! All of us don''t want to bash each other but when people say things like Ekta sucks or she should make shows like Bidaai, we are going to get angry!!! Star Plus has totally lost it''s mind!!! TSPLS is going great and SP shouldn''t end it!!!!!
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hussainjuhifan @hussainjuhifan 14 years ago pls dont end kumkum i request all of you
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-SalShah4eva- @-SalShah4eva- 14 years ago Wel i hope they changed the time ..but so thats mean AKK ending no u like that show guys control i dont think Tujh is ending they probaly changed the time
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