Kumkum goes the 'Dil' way..

Watch Kumkum and Sumeet fight for their love as they elope from home and live as castaways. Read to know more...

Published: Monday,Oct 20, 2008 14:03 PM GMT-06:00
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Remember the ‘Humne Ghar Choda Hai’ song from the movie Dil, wherein Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit have a jolly truck ride as they elope from home?

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Well, this is the track ahead in Star Plus’ afternoon show Kumkum Pyaara Sa Bandhan as circumstances force the love-birds Sumeet and Kumkum to run away from home.

According to our well-placed source, “The track ahead will have some cute scenes between the two, including a scene wherein they have a truck ride in which Sumeet proposes to Kumkum in a very cute way. They will live a life pretending to be husband and wife, while their fathers back home will be at war with each other”.

“Viewers will have a feast of their life as this track will have romance at its best. It will also see Sumeet and Kumkum running from one place to another, what with Sarjan Singh (Faizal Raza Khan) trying to track them down every minute”, our source adds.

As of now, Sarjan has played a cruel game as he has made Kumkum's father believe that Kumkum has run away with Sumeet on the day of her marriage, without even thinking twice about her family pride. The annoyed father of Kumkum (Surendra Pal) has vowed to kill both Kumkum and Sumeet the moment he sights them.

Now that's what we call love in true filmi style!!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Jasmine... 14 years ago ohh please Kumkum is far better than Dulhan..so please dont evn try to compare..Kumkum is unique from Kumkum..and its evn 6 yr oldr ..so please..donot evn say it!!agree wid Roku..
wen we dont comment abyt DUlhann then why are dulhan fans so concerned??
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Ruhihutijufan 14 years ago hey well nice ot see romanctic and cute scenes between su-kk....am dying to watch it...good but yaar ktina copy karenge ...
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roku_huseinfan 14 years ago OMGGGGGGGGGG...i just can't w8...kumkum rocks.....w8ing for the romantic scenes....8->8->8->
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ArmaansGirl 14 years ago how awsum...soo romantc..i dnt tihnk its coopied frm dulhan..kumkum is better...thnx
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Sarah9bella 14 years ago i saw the truck scene and believe me they are tooooooooooooooooooooooo romentic
just love it
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-Afeelicious- 14 years ago I don't think Kumkum being copied from Dulhann.
in dulhan Amar and Divya never ran away from house to get married.
and summit and kumkum didn't really ran away from their house they were kidnapped.

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Missy7 14 years ago Divya and Amar did the samething to get married...And every single description of the scene is a copy of Dulhann from truck and the whole singing. Kumkum doesnt give anything new but copy of Dulhann. Example: the whole rebirth, that didnt even make sense
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easha927 14 years ago yay!! im so excited for this new track....i hope it lasts a while cuz i want to see all their romance back again!!
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* Unnati *
* Unnati * 14 years ago wow......Kumkum rocks at its best!!!..never seen such a show proceeding strong with such consistency!
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NazNgs 14 years ago Ahhhhhhhhhhh this is awsome...me also loved dil...omg can´t wait to see the romantic scenes...ufff Juhi and Hussain will rock...it will be a mindblowing track...i hope this serial just goes on like forever..we will never get enough of Sumit and KumKum and Juhi and Hussain....so excited to see this new track...awesome,
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