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Kumkum - Down the Memory Lane with Exclusive Picture

Our reporter Anju reach the members of the Kumkum team to ask them some questions on their special moments and special themes

Published: Wednesday,May 16, 2007 09:13 AM GMT-06:00
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After becoming one of the post popular shows on Indian Television and winning the hearts of millions of viewers, Star Plus’ popular serial ‘Kumkum’ recently reached a major landmark when it completed 1000 episodes!

So many years of working together has made the whole unit a big family. All these years together means lots of memories along with their share of good moments, angry moments, embarrassing moments and so much more.

Read on as our reporter talks to Hussain (Sumeet), Gaurav (Sharman), Sonia (Antra) and Vivan (Dhruv) and your favourite stars spill the beans about their most sensitive, embarassing, angry moments and pass their comments on various topics like jodis and the serial, Kumkum!

Kumkum - Down the Memory Lane with Exclusive Picture
Theme: Memories frozen in time flown by:

The most touching that has happened to you on the sets of Kumkum?

: Well, uh, there have been many moments, I cant really recollect now… well… I think it will be the day when KumKum got the highest TRPs for an afternoon slot.. Its never happened to any show on Indian Television. A prime time slot is so much more easier to get TRPs.. But yea, it was a big moment for me, to see KumKum do so well..

: I have met the most wonderful friends for life

: I got a lot of warmth and love from everyone. I didn’t find anything articial among the actors, they are all really nice.

: Its been one and half year, since I’ve worked with them, there have been so many small moments which have been touching, than anything big. Anything small that someone has done, has had an impact on me. But even if I have to choose, I’ll definitely have to say that the time when I joined KumKum and how well everyone helped me fit in was truly touching.

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Something that made you angry?

: Nothing… I hardly ever get angry… I don’t regret blasting out ever.. I can control my anger.

: Hmm.. Bad food on the sets..

: A little waste of time here and there. I don’t like my time being wasted.

One embarrassing moment tucked away in your memory bank?

: Uhh.. There was a scene when I had to lift off someone, my pants were a little too tight, I bent down to the lift the person and we sudden all heard something tear… Everyone wondered what happened, until I realized that it was actually my pant that tore. So yea, that was pretty embarrassing.

: We were going to Goa, and husaain was sitting next to me. It was an early morning flight. I heard a beep, and I thought that husain had called the air hostess, so I got paranoid and says that we just took off and why did he have to call her? After about twenty seconds, husain said that it was a signal to fasten your seat belts… I was embarrassed, I just looked out of the window for ten minutes.

: Its actually very funny. Once Garuav had to start a new job on the show, and everyone had to wish him best of luck.. And I tried to say - Good Luck, but the script said - best of luck, so, I just messed the words saying - Blest of guck.. It was just a little too funny. The shoot was stalled for half an hour, I wouldn’t stop laughing.

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Moving onto our next Theme: Jodi

Whats the one thing that’s special about your jodi?

Kumkum - Down the Memory Lane with Exclusive Picture
Hussain: The chemistry between us is strong, and that’s what makes people fall in love with the jodi. It was a little difficult for us before, because Sumit used to call kumkum - bhabie, and from that to actually getting married to her, was something that was unusual for the Indian audience. But yea, the comfort level me and Juhi share as actors has helped us potray that on screen.

: A very well written character for both, sharman and my jodi. Sharman is a loveable character, who falls in love with a girl, who’s out there, sort of like him. Both were very well characterized, I must say.

: We use to do a lot of masti. He use to tease me a lot.

: As for Antara, I cant say anything, as she was a negative character, and me and Sia havent really shot much. I don’t know if I’ll be around much for the Sia - dhruv track.. Lets see..

Has there been anything about your jodi that has affected your personal life or event?

: Well, not really.. But yes, acting has definitely affected me, as I’ve cried so much in the show, that when I want to cry in real life, it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. All tears are dried up completely. We’ve been emotionally drained, and it does take a toll on your life.. All you do is cry, cry and cry, so when you’re out of the acting phase, the last thing you want to do is cry.

One nick name that you would like to give your jodi partner:

: I cant say that here…

: His name is really nice, I wouldn’t want to change it

: For Sia - Blabber mouth

For Antara , we all tease her with the character she was one playing on doordarshan, with a funny get up..

Do you fight like a real jodi off screen too?

: We fight every day… we don’t quarrel, but yea, there have been arguments, there have been times when we pull each other’s legs, bahut masti hoti hain, thodi kichai here and there… it’s a daily routine.

: Yes.. Yes… all the time...

: No. We hardly have time to chit chat, everyone is busy doing one or two shows, so we never get to fool around… we come, do the shots and go…

One prank that you would love to play on your jodi partner?

: Well, if she gets an award for the - favorite mother of the year.. We would like to give her a standing ovation and ask everyone around us to stand up and cheer her…

: Well… Not sure, but there is one prank I can play on all the actors and that is to hide their food… They will be completely paranoid.

: Uhmm.. I haven’t thought about it… I need a lot more time..

: Anatara is no more here… But as for Sia, I would like to tell her that the camera is rolling, and make her talk for half an hour.. And then tell her that there was no tape inside…

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Theme: Kumkum…..on the sets, awards, some more memories……….

You’ve been nominated for star parivaar this year, your comments?

– Favourite Pati and Favourite Jodi - I’ve been consistent with favorite Pati for the last three years. I just hope that I get the award for the favorite Jodi. I’m so happy that I havent been nominated for the favorite Pita..

- Favourite Devar - Well it feels great, but you will have to ask my bhabie for that… Not sure where is she right now. I’m like a typical devar, very bubbly and a brat.. That resembles my real life too, since I have a big family, and I am a devar in real life too, so I’m just like Sharman is.. Actually, me and Sharman do have a lot in common..

How has your relationship with the cast and crew changed over the years?

: My relationship has blossomed over time. The first week, I was a litle nervous, since I wasn’t from the same profession, and to come and work with such good stars, was over whelming… But, all have been so nice to me, they’ve helped me fit in very well.

: They all are very nice. Juhi is a nice friend, and the dada - dadi are like real grandparents to us. Im still in touch with them over the phone.

: Its become like a family now. We talk about our personal problems on the set, actors are emotional, if there is anything troubling us, we share our feelings and talk about it.

You favorite scene from the show?

: I really like one scene where sumit slaps sharman during the time when sharman was to get out of the house. It was a very touching scene, had a lot of emotions in it.. So far, one of my favorites

How was it working with the cast and crew of kumkum?

: It was really nice, I simply enjoyed with all of them. I’ve done many shows, but I’ve found the best co actors in kumkum. Also, KumKum gave me the regognition that I didn’t get earlier.

What is the one thing you remember the most about the unit?

: I had an awesome time here… We miss Ashish the director, he isn’t here anymore.. I’ve learned so many things from Danny, Dibakar the sound guy, helps out with the dialouges and stuff.. Most technicians are more intereseted in making money and getting the scenes done.. Where as here, they help you grow as an actor.

If there was one thing to change in the show, what would it be?

: I would change dhruv’s character.. What it started out with, and whats it become, is something quite different.. I don’t see his character going anywhere.

Comments on the thousand episodes:

: We’ve tried our best, and have appreciated everyone helping us out, there have been ups and downs, but end of it all, its been great. And I wish that KumKum hits many more thousand landmarks.

: Oh, its just the beginning.

: Im very excited and am feeling lucky that I was a part of such a nice show. I wish them the very best.

: We’ve had an awesome time. Its been really nice… and I wish the show the very best.

And finally……………………

Message for your fans at IF:

: They are the best fans, before I know whats happening in my life, they know it all.. They know what is happening in my life and my character. Thank-you for all the love, I truly appreciate their efforts and I just hope I live up to their expectations. But I must say, that where ever we are, is because of them. Thanks a ton!

: I wonder how do they know everything about me? Hats off to them, for being so detailed. Its so fascinating to know that people appreciate you so much, they really know how to motivate their actors. I would truly like to thank them.

Our marathon session with these wonderful actors does end here, but the fun does not stop here……Hope you all enjoyed and embarked on the trip down the memory lane with these stars from Kumkum. So guys, stay tuned for more interivews, chit-chats and lots of masti!

Reporter: Hiral Bhatt (anju0930)
Author: virgo_stars
Contact writers: anju0930 and virgo_stars
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