Kumkum dances for her 'Mahi'...

Kumkum dances on the number 'Aaja Ve Mahi' as she awaits her love Sumit in Star Plus' Kumkum Pyara Sa Bandhan...

As reported by Telly Buzz earlier, Sumit aka Hussein Kuwajerwala finally got back to the show Kumkum PyaaraSa Bandhan this week, after nearly a month’s break!! Caught in the clutches of Sarjan Singh (Faizal Raza Khan), there is no way in which Sumit can reach his love, Kumkum.

The story will now take an interesting turn wherein Kumkum (Juhi Parmar) has got certain word clues that will open up a way for her to reach Sumit.

According to our source, “Kumkum will reach a mela where she gives a dance performance on stage. She will actually dance for Sumit on the very sensuous number ‘Aaja Ve Mahi Tera Rasta’ from the movie Henna, as she longs to see him”.

“While Sarjan is engrossed in seeing Kumkum’s dance performance, Ustaad plans to save Sumit who is locked in a house by Sarjan”, adds our source.

"The shoot for this dance sequence was completed recently, and Juhi has performed sensuously on this number", concludes our source.

Will Kumkum and Ustaad be successful in their plan? Will Sumit and Kumkum unite again?

To get all your answers, keep watching Kumkum Pyaara Sa Bandhan at 1 PM, Monday to Friday…

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh, Ranjini Nair
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Juhi Parmar

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thanks for this article and pics

looking foward to it. very happy with the way the story is going. kk is such a strong character, she can go to any extent to save her loved ones.

saw sbs ju was looking awesome and she was dancing beautifully in the clips that were shown


15 years ago

Me too eagerly waiting for her dance... and sukk''s milan..

15 years ago

Love u juhi!! Seem to be a great performance!

15 years ago

the creatives r doing a good job
and it seems they have a lot in store for us
juhi looks extremely amazing
hope after her performance SuKK unite
wished sumeet too cud see the performance

15 years ago

juhi look gorgeous
cant wait to see the episod

15 years ago

love sumeet and kumkum they totally rock i bet juhi will be awesome!!!!!!i''ll be looking forward to it go juhi!!!!!!!!!!

15 years ago

i am wating very eagerly.............hope it brings a change in the show ..............& makes itinteresting .........

15 years ago

wooow..luking forward to this performance.. hopefuly dey succeeds in getin da su out.

15 years ago

Wow...I''m sooo glad that Sumit is back....hopefully Sukk will finally unite!! Can''t wait to see the performance!!

15 years ago

Juhi dancing on my one of my fav song..!!!and actually the lyrics matches too!
woohooo!!finally Kumkum is back wid a bang!!
i just hope we get to see SuKk ek saath again now!!
thanks for the awesome news!!
made my day!!

15 years ago

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