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Kullfi Kumar Bajewala actress Anjali Anand body shamed; She teaches the troll a lesson

The Instagram user called her a moti saand in a direct message and what followed was a lesson which Anjali taught her...


Haters are gonna hate and that's the truth which stands tall for every celebrity on the planet. No matter how successful they are and how many fans they have, there are always gonna be trolls who bully and harass these celebrities for no reason at all. This time the girl who has come under the radar, is  Kullfi Kumar Bajewala's Anjali Anand. 

Anjali essays the role of Lovely in the show and is loved by many. Recently, she got messages on her social media from a user who very blatantly called her 'moti saand'. What followed was a long argument where Anjali tried to put some sense into the mind of the internet user but it seemed to be of no use. 

In the conversation itself, the Dhhai Kilo Prem actress was called Haathi, saand, buddhi and what not. Anjali is not the sort of a girl who just sits back and takes all the sh*t which is thrown her way. She replies and this time she has given one hell of an answer to the troll.

 Have a look:

Earlier in an interview with the Bombay Times, Anjali has talked about the body shaming she goes through. She said that people call her moti bhains; if she posts a video of her dancing, they would comment, 'Zameen niche dhans gayi'. In India, we have set unrealistic standards for a perfect body. If we are aping the West and their way of dressing, why don't we accept their plus-sized models? It's not uncommon to see a plus-sized model on the cover of health and fashion magazines, abroad. She very clearly mentioned that she wants to meet a fashion designer in India, who is ready to make clothes for a plus-size model like her. She can’t find designer clothes for herself because she am 6 feet tall. So, she has to order from abroad.

Well, that's an issue which truly needs some addressing. 


Anjali Anand Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala 

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