Krystle D'Souza bids farewell to Kis Desh..

With her character coming to an end in Kis Desh, Krystle bids farewell to the show which is all set for a leap..

Krystle D'Souza who played Veera, daughter of the Joneja family breathed her last yesterday in the Star Plus show, Kis Desh Main Hai Meraa Dil.

Veera in an attempt to get back her husband Nihaal's love, tries to play a game that she has been caught in fire, so that Nihaal comes and saves her. But the fire accidentally spreads all over and she succumbs to severe burns and ultimately dies in the arms of Nihaal.

As reported earlier by Telly Buzz, Kis Desh will soon be taking a leap. And according to our source, the character of Veera was brought to an end as Krystle was not willing to be part of the show post leap.

We talked to Krystle who said, "I am so happy that Veera's character got a beautiful end. I have been in the show for the past one and half years, and have played all shades possible whether it is the innocent girl, or the bubbly one, negative and finally the character ended with a total positive shade".

So any regrets that she will not be part of the show post leap? "No, I am fine. The creatives and writers thought that Veer has nothing to do more on the show, so rather than standing in the background, and doing nothing I am happy that my character got a good ending".

Krystle is now planning to go to Canada for vacation. "I want to make a trip, but I am surely open to prominent and good roles in the near future", concludes the actress.

Well, she probably might be the first actor to bow out of the show owing to the leap!! Let's wait and watch…

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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good luck to her............. wish here with better roles.....

15 years ago

the end to her character is quite intesting
she is right - its better to have such a beautiful ending to a character than standing in the background yr

I am really upset about yesterday's episode, The way prem behaved was just too much
yeah, any husband will get furious on such situation but he loved heer so much n then too he behaved so badly with her
yesterday though that scene was a good one by both actors,but just over the top,it was needed but jyada ho gaya, POOR HEER, why this happens to good people,I hate prem's mother n that evil harman's wife
I m feeling really bad for heer n prem,I love their jodi,the show is good but hero heroin humesha dur rehte he n keep crying !!

15 years ago

im kinda glad her character is ending cz she was such a negative character! bt she is a good actr and i wanted to see nihal gt the love he deserved!! it wd hv bn nce to c her in a positive role!!

15 years ago

she's pretty. and a really good actress - really made the viewers dislike her character. but her character was cut off abruptly, could've been done more smoothly

15 years ago

I wanted to see something positive & some romance, but all ended without it

miss her

15 years ago

I think it is good that she left as there is no need for her character anymore. We'll miss her.

15 years ago

well, i thought she would actually be alive after like a few treatments
but now poor nihaal

and id love to see you in canada, maybe we'll meet ;)
i liked her ending, atleast she ended on a positive note :) i wouldnt mind to have her bak in the show though later on, maybe after the leap :S

but wish her all the best in the future!!

15 years ago

damn...i was always looking forward to the roles of veera and nihaal

15 years ago

i liked veera's ending.. and im glad she is taking a break. have fun and enjoy yourself.. you deserve it

15 years ago

i live in canada lol
maybe she can come visit me
anyways i dont think veera had a good ending
it was more of a sad ending

15 years ago

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