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Krushna Abhishekh plays his namesake at the CCIL's New Year Bash!

Watch out for the ace comedian Krushna Abhishek who will entertain the audience with his comical act in CCIL’s New Year Bash…

Krushna Abhishekh plays his namesake for the forthcoming New Year Bash of Country Club. As the only male member in the entire line up Bollywood diva's signed by the Country Club for its New Year bash across the country and Middle East. Playing the role of Krishna to the hilt Krushna seemed to thoroughly enjoy being the center of attraction amidst all the beauties, at a recent event.

Krushna will be performing along with Kashmira Shah in Mumbai for CCIL. Krushna at his wittiest best pulled on a few jokes, in what seemed like his favorite Gopi Rakhi Sawant at that evening. He quipped on the kind of club Rakhi would open if she was to ever open one.

Our Kanhaiya went all blushing when asked who would he like to celebrate New Year with, apart from his 'Radha, Kashmira' to which Kash quickly reminded that she was not Radha but Meera as in Kash "mira".

Krushna and Kashmira have created an absolutely stunning step along with their choreographer and are all set to take their live performance in Mumbai few notches higher this time round.

"Mumbai is a dream place to perform on New Year's Eve, since you are closer to your circle of friends and one can actually join in the fun post work on New Year's Eve. We both have been together and New Year's is a very special time to be with your family and friends. All my friends have promised me to be with me at country club for New Year's," said Krushna

Country Club India Ltd's amazing and enduring New Year bashes across India and Middle East has always evoked huge interest. Rakhi Sawant, Aarti Chhabria, Payal Rohatgi, Shefali Jariwala, Claudia Ciesla, Maryam Zakaria, Hussain Kuwajarewala and Tina, Simran Khan, and Shraddha Sharma are set to perform at various cities across India and Middle East this New Year's Eve.



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