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Kritika Singh Yadav on not even knowing she's being replaced in 'Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha'

Singh Yadav mentioned how she wasn't even aware that she's being replaced in the show and went on to talk about it in an interview.

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On one hand, Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha fans are excited for an array of changes that it has in store ahead and especially the fans of actor Aditi Rathore, as we know the actor is making her return after her stint in Naamkarann in the show.

But on the other hand, this hasn't ended on a good note especially for actor Kritika Singh Yadav who was the one playing the role of Charmi which Rathore will be taking over now.

Singh Yadav mentioned how she wasn't even aware that she's being replaced in the show and went on to talk about it in an interview with ETimes TV. She said, “The production house hasn’t informed me about the replacement. In the month of April, I was infected with COVID-19, when we were shooting in Goa for the show. The production team hasn’t spoken with me since. I was under the impression that the character was dead and they didn’t intend to revive the track, as there was no discussion regarding my role in the show. And now almost two months later, I get to know that I have been replaced. It’s disappointing. I just feel that they should have informed me about my replacement or if they had some issues with me. There could have been a discussion.”

She mentioned that she is indeed disappointed with this chapter but wants to put it away. “It was my first TV show and the experience was good. I have realised that such things are common in the industry. So, it’s okay. One should move on. I have learnt a lot from this experience, which will eventually make me stronger and keep me on my toes for the next project. I will forget about it eventually."

On her part, producer of the show Sonali Jaffar said, “A few months ago, we had winded the track of Charmi due to changes in the story and hence had to let go of Kritika. Now that we decided to bring back the character, we thought of getting Aditi Rathore for the same.

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lily_kitty15 2 months ago Kritika Singh Yadav Was cute a fresh new face i wish she was doing the roll in all honesty i liked Aditi Rathore in Kumkum bagya she was slim and beautiful. She gained weight in her last show she she should love some weight to compare to Charmi’s character i just cant even take her seriously 😒 specially when Kritika barely did much but giving her a chance would have been better she could have pulled s cute girl gone mean.
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--Amulya-- 2 months ago unprofessional PH, kritika was so apt for the role as charmi and suited well with shobith too
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gurl-enchanted 2 months ago What a lame explanation by the production house. They should at least have the basic courtesy to inform the actor about the replacement and it’s reasons. Karma comes biting back and we shouldn’t burn bridges just because we are an advantage today
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