Kolkata girls journey has ended on Indian Idol 5

The Kolkata girl’s eviction this week leaves the show with just 2 more female contestants…

Though Arpita Khan's eviction may not seem as a shocker to the audience but would surely turn down the chances of seeing a girl winning the title of Indian Idol 5.

A little Birdie informed us that, "This week Arpita Khan who's been appearing in the danger zone from past two weeks had to bid adieu from Indian Idol 5 and Shashi Suman, Swaroop Khan were the other bottom two contestants."

For the uninitiated, justifiably Shashi and Swaroop's previous episode performances didn't seem that they would get into the danger zone and from quite a few episodes Arpita was also improving on her vocal skills.

But presumably even after good performances it seems that judges and audience had something different on their mind and decided to vote her out.  

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Pooja Shenoy

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Once more looks win over real talent! The real singer is eliminated by the shallow, looks-obsessed junta! They dont hear who is in tune, who has a great voice, they only see who has a nice body and can do those jhatak mataks!

Anyway it doesnt matter because Arpita has the real voice among all 3 girls and I know she will get the first chance at playback singing where looks dont matter!

13 years ago

ohhh Gud yar i hate bangoliessssssssssssssssss

13 years ago

Oh that really sucks the good singer is out :-(

13 years ago

I guess since Shashi is getting into the bottom 2 many times, next is his no. to get eliminated !

13 years ago

i agree with anu maliks comments in the previous episode....arpita's voice was good....but something missing.... i guess thats why she went out....but there were other worse singers... :(

13 years ago

kisi na kisi ko toh nikalna hi tha.yahi sahi.

13 years ago

i knew she was going to get out this week!!!!! i wasn't a big fan anyway.... i really want TIA to be one of the finalists.. :)

13 years ago

well she is better than her fellow girls.

13 years ago

feel bad 4 her...she was pretty good...didn't expect her to be eliminated that easily

13 years ago

i knew it... oh well it has to go down to only one person...

13 years ago

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