Knock! Knock! B-town's new hottie here.

Aamir Khan B-town's new hottie.

It seems a new 'Hottie' has come to B-town and very soon will join the 'hunks' bandwagon. He has wooed girls many a time with his charming personality but this time he will surely make them fall flat. And why not if he can woo Asin the 'Ghajini' actress then how can others resist him.
By now you might have got that 'hottie' is none other than Aamir Khan.

'Ghajini' the most awaited film of the year brings in a lot of surprises for all Aamir Khan fans. First the audiences saw him in bald look with his body whipped up into a deadly shape.And now he is seen dazzling in six different looks in a single song.

The song titled 'Behka' sees Aamir in some of those uncommon looks that the actor has never sported before.

Here we bring all six for you.

Starting with his chest-barring outfit, that makes him look hot. This one may give complex to many popular Khan of the industry as it may effect their fan following among girls.

Then comes a look with baggy-pants kind of style with a tilted hat, bands and neckpiece.

Next is a jazzed up look with skillful use of accessories like hat,neckpiece, chain belts, hand-bands, shades. This one is complete biker look.

Here once again Aamir comes in his old-style with short hairdo. In the next he gets a bit formal
with a neck-tie,short jacket and once again a different hairdo.

Lastly he dons a very popular 'mohawk' look and sports his bulging biceps.

Avan Contractor and Arjun Bhasin ae the people responsible for Aamir's look.

This song has been shot in South Africa for twenty long days and all six-looks can be seen in one frame at the end of the song.

So, all set to rock with B-town's new hunk.

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Aamir Khan

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