Kishore Kumar Special - Preview Amul Star Voice of India

Brothers Amit Kumar and Sumit Kumar relive the magic of their father, Kishore Kumar, in an evening full of tributes to one of the greatest Artist of Hindi Cinema. Read on to find out more, complete with slide show.

The viewers are in for a delightful treat this Friday, as the Amul Star Voice of India participants present some of the gems made immortal by the great Kishore Kumar.

Shaan introduces Amit and Sumit to the audience, and Amit Kumar, a great singer himself, reminisces about his father, who would have celebrated his 78th birthday on August 4th, had we been fortunate enough to have him amongst us. Nostalgia is bound to grip the audience as both the brothers sing 'Aati Rahengi Baharein', reminding everyone of the golden voice that was known as Kishore Kumar.

Ishmeet fans are going to be disappointed this time with the singer being unable to perform as he is unwell.

Toshi carries on the feel of nostalgia with the punching number of 'Ek haseena Thi' from 'Karz'. I am sure, many in the audience would be curious to know how Toshi performed this number. Interestingly, Sumit observes that Toshi has a nice throw. Amit recollects that Rishi Kapoor had cancelled his shoot for the song 'Om Shanti Om' from the same movie because someone else had sung this number, while Rishi categorically wanted Kishoreda to voice it.

Mirande impresses the duo with 'Hungama Ho Gaya', while Irfaan floors them with his perfect yodelling in 'Jhoomroo'. Amit goes on to say that Irfaan perhaps is blessed by Kishore Kumar himself, who was the only yodeller in the industry.

Priyani takes centre stage with 'Karle Pyar Karle ke din hai char', and Prantik tries his best to emote 'O Majhi re'. Amit Kumar explains that a singer should have the apt expression to sing a particular song. He recollects that Kishore Kumar literally used to weep while singing the song. He was not only a singer, but a complete artist.

If Abhilasha's 'Aao Huzoor tumko' blows them away with her perfection, then Sumitra's 'Jaan-e- Jaan' elicits Sumit to comment ' Gaana sunke nasha sa cha gaya'. Not to forget the heart throbs and favourites, Harshit sang 'Intehaan Hogayi' while Arshpreet sang 'Jawaani Jaaneman'...

Watch all this and a lot more unfold in this Friday's, August 3rd, episode of Amul Star Voice Of India at 10 pm, only on Star Plus. The evening definitely promises to be a one to remember as this unbelievably talented bunch of singers win hearts with their soulful renditions and create a perfect foil to remember the great man with awe and inspiration by all his fans across the globe on the eve of his birthday.

Not to forget that the viewers are still at the edge of their seats trying to figure out how this show is going to be formatted. As of now, it's still being kept carefully under the wraps. One hopes that when it finally unveils, the result is worth the wait.

Author: Minnie Gupta

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Wow nice pix.......waiting for the movie.

16 years ago

Kishore kumar special !!!
must watch this week

16 years ago



16 years ago

wo dono sirf pics me aaye wo bhi tension me.... kya wo bottom three me hain :(

16 years ago

Awesome theme :) - am wondering what was the basis of selecting the female solos!

16 years ago

Thankx for the lovely pics. & article....looking 4ward to watch the exp.

16 years ago

wow - such an exciting episode to look forward to!! this wud be a treat... thnx for the preview..

16 years ago

I'm very glad that there will be a Kishore Kumar special! He was such an amazing singer and sang for so many movies, people don't really give him enough credit. Even though he died before his time, he will always be remembered in the hearts of his fans. I did not know that his sons could sing, wow I'll have to look them up.

~Lady Black~

16 years ago

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