Kiran - The real world star wife!

Mrs. Kiran 'Aamir Khan' Rao, has many admirers. Not simply, however, for the middle name...

Mrs. Kiran 'Aamir Khan' Rao, has many admirers. Not simply, however, for the middle name we chip in here.

It may be instead because she does things that people are in awe of. For example, Kiran is currently working day and night on the final edit of her film Dhobi Ghat. Her bars for hard work have been raised by several notches, for she has to show the final product to her producer-cum-actor hubby; and who would know better than her, how hard it is to please a certain Aamir 'perfectionist' Khan!

Exceptions, when they involve professional compromises are not Aamir's thing, not even for his dear wife. Luckily enough, Kiran is a pro at time management and keeps her hubby's life in perfect order while juggling her own tight schedule. Along with taking care of the household tasks, Kiran even shops for Aamir's clothes because the actor can't be bothered with styling his own wardrobe! At least one dimension of his perfection, namely public appearance and looks, he can't claim credits to, in that case!

What sets this star wife apart from many others in the league, is the fact that she lives in the real world, unlike those who can't care to dirty there hands with mundane deeds of routine life. She is the quintessential modern woman, striking a harmonious balance between her home and professional life.
We at BollyCurry salute her and all the other women around the world who play multiple roles! Multitasking, is the new rocket science task!

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