Khoya Khoya Chand Cast dance with Jhalak Stars

Catch the exciting episode of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa with Sharmila Tagore and Soha Ali Khan on the 7th of December at 9:00 pm

It is one of the most exciting episodes of the popular dance show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa – Dancing with the Stars . Having reached its penultimate round the contestants are fully aware that it is a do –or-die situation to remain on the show. With only one more Gala round to go before the finals, the contestants are not just putting their best foot forward they are betting their life on it.


To add to the excitement the dancing stars had for company veteran actress Sharmila Tagore and daughter Soha Ali Khan, also an actress of great calibre . Soha even did her Khoya Khoya Chand (her new film) number. Soha proved she was a chip of the old block. Not only did she look glamorous and sexy, in a sari, like her mom, her well-mannered ways are such a welcome change from the in-your-face new brigade.


If you thought Sonali's elimination would take the glamour off the show you have another thought coming. Even a Mir Ranjan Negi surprised with his performances. In fact celebrity guest Sharmila Tagore thought he was sexy! Prachi's performances are getting bold and beautiful by the week! Jay Bhanushali's energetic presentation as Jignesh Bond and as Bunty of Babli fame got him the scores. For the second time in a row Sandhya Mridul bagged a double whammy. Sandhya is going the Shweta Salve way, winning hearts and big scores for her mind-blowing performances but will Prachi pip her at the winning post remains to be seen?


The dancing just gets hotter, the competition stiffer and the race to the finish is now in the last and final lap. Who will make it to the finish in style remains to be seen. Don't go anywhere . In SRK's words: Picture abhi baaki hai!


Watch out for the dance and drama… its all happening on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa – Dancing with the Stars, on Friday, December 7, at 9.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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Sandhya Mridul

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Sharmila Tagore

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Soha Ali Khan

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Jay Bhanushali

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Shveta Salve

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Ali Khan

Comments (13)

prachi looks so cute...i cant wait to watch this episode it seems so funny..LOL

16 years ago

ommmgg prachii lookkszz soo cute .. shes loookkeszzz soo hott .. tfs

16 years ago

Prachi Rocks !!
Prachi Rocks !!
Prachi Rocks !!
Prachi Rocks !!
Prachi Rocks !!
Prachi Rocks !!
Prachi Rocks !!
Prachi Rocks !!

Wish you All The Best Prachi..Would love to see you win it..

16 years ago

luv da pics can't wait till friday. its gonna be one tough night only 4 left may da best top 3 make it to finale.

16 years ago

omgggggggggggggggggggg prachiii =]]
amazing as everr..she looks damn god..i lou her dress soo much
cant waitt =]]

16 years ago

nice article, except the part
..but will Prachi pip her at the winning post remains to be seen?
Comparing Prachi to Mona is insulting Prachi in my opinion...Mona cannot dance, but Prachi si amazing...

16 years ago

hehe pd looks cute...cant wait...hope she wins!! eeee!!!

soooo...i should start watching this again...i've missed a LOT of epis...

frenzgrl129--- the judges were unhappy with her clothes? LOL wasnt that some other contestant some time alst week? or is it really prachi this time

16 years ago


Is this the episode by the way were judges are unhappy with Prachi over her outfits choice?

16 years ago

thanks for the article
prachi looks stunning

16 years ago

Can't wait to see Sharmila and Soha together!

16 years ago

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